EA Pledges to Bring in Cross-Play to Pro Clubs Mode


EA Sports has acknowledged that they are “keen” on giving the Pro Clubs game mode cross-play capabilities.

Cross-play would not be offered in the well-liked Pro Clubs game mode; instead, EA later clarified that they would only offer it in 1v1 game matches.

Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 23

The prominent Pro Clubs community website @TheVFL_ posted a strongly worded statement on their Twitter page that garnered over 13,000 likes in response to this news, causing the hashtag #SaveProClubs to trend on Twitter. A few days later, EA reacted, confirming that cross-play would not be available in Pro Clubs for FIFA 23 at launch owing to additional complexity in building games with several players playing on the same squad.

It’s now been revealed that EA remains ‘focused’ on bringing cross-play functionality to the Pro Clubs game mode through their Pro Clubs & VOLTA Deep Dive notes.

“I wanted to start off by speaking to an important topic in the community, cross-play. I share your desire to see cross-play in Pro Clubs and understand the frustrations for not seeing it included in the launch of FIFA 23,” Richard Walz, Game Design Director for Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football at EA Sports, stated.

Pro Clubs mode and VOLTA Football mode in FIFA 23
Pro Clubs mode and VOLTA Football mode in FIFA 23

“While we’re excited with the first steps to bring new cross-play features to FIFA 23, we also recognize what cross-play functionality could mean to the Pro Clubs mode with the potential for improving matchmaking and allowing friends from different platforms of the same generation to play together. With the scale of such an important feature, our goal is to bring you the best possible experiences. As we look at our cross-play future, we’re focused on matchmaking in Pro Clubs, VOLTA, and FUT Co-op, as well as cross-platform lobby invites and ultimately cross-platform Pro Clubs.

Game modes Cross-play will be available on in FIFA 23
In-game modes Cross-play will be available on in FIFA 23

“We’re eager to provide updates in the future as the team continues to execute the plan for the future of cross-play. We love the passion of our community, and you help strengthen our resolve to push the mode forward and to bring quality changes for you to enjoy as players. We will provide an update regarding cross-play as soon as we can, we hear you.”

Other new features revealed in the Pro Clubs & VOLTA Deep Dive pitch notes for FIFA 23 include shared customization choices, tattoos appearing in Pro Clubs for the first time, and more haircuts and accessories to make your avatar stand out on the field or in public.

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Additionally, Drop-In matches on Pro Clubs, Post-match accolades, rotating kits and stadiums, 100 levels of reworked Pro Clubs advancement, and new major goal moments have all undergone adjustments. As well as upgraded Volta Arcade games with bigger pitches, bigger nets, and more responsive dribbling, there are new bonuses, skill games, and Volta Arcade games.

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