eFootball 2022 myClub Coins

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eFootball Coins or better known as eFootball myClub coins are the eFootball game’s virtual currency. You can use eFootball myClub coins to buy in-game items such as players for your eFootball club.

How to Purchase myClub Coins

MyClub Coins can be purchased with real money at the “myClub Store,” which can be found on the eFootball > myClub main screens. myClub coins are distributed in batches, with prices determined by the region of your account. The following is a list of coins that can be purchased in US dollars.

myClub CoinsPrice
1001.00 USD
2502.70 USD
1,05010.00 USD
2,15020.00 USD
3,30030.00 USD
5,80050.00 USD
12,000100.00 USD

How to Earn Coins for Free

eFootball myClub coins
eFootball myClub coins

5 Ways to Get eFootball 2022 Coins Without Spending Real Money

Coins are primarily purchased in the eFootball game, but there are some ways to obtain coins without spending any real money. You can earn eFootball 2022 myClub Coins for free through:

  • Completing Objectives
  • Daily login
  • Legacy bonus
  • PlayStation Plus
  • Campaigns
  1. Completing Objectives: You can obtain eFootball myClub coins as a reward for completing in-game objectives
  2. Daily login: You can earn eFootball myClub coins as a gift by logging in daily on the eFootball 2022 game. Konami gives 100 coins on alternative days for a week.
  3. Legacy bonus: If you have played Pro Evolution Soccer 2021, Konami will reward you with Legacy Bonus in myClub coins.
  4. PlayStation Plus: You can earn eFootball myClub coins when you have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus. This will gift you bonuses and rewards. There is an exclusive package at the PlayStation Store where you can redeem these rewards. 
  5. Campaigns: Starting on the 16th of June, 2022, when Konami will roll out campaigns, you can participate in or complete Matchday to get myClub Coins