FIFA 22 Players with Best Curve Ability

Messi prep to shot a curved shot in FIFA 22

Shooting curved balls can be an effective way to beat an opponent in FIFA 22, but they’re not easy to master. For those who don’t know what the curved shots or balls are, it’s basically the spin that you can give to the ball when you shoot in other to curve it into the net. This type of shot is also known as a finesse shot.

Shooting Curve Shots: How Does it Work?

Trent Arnold shoots curved or finesse ball in the net from the corner in FIFA 22
Trent Arnold shoots a curved or finesse ball in the net from the corner in FIFA 22

To make it easier to understand, let’s take an example: you are in control of Ronaldo and you have an open space in front of you, therefore you decide to shoot. If you shoot in a straight line, without any curve, then the ball will go straight ahead and it will not be very effective. However, if you manage to curve your shot just before the moment it gets to an opponent’s goalkeeper or defender — by moving the left stick of your controller immediately after you hit the shoot button — then the ball will change direction by curving at a certain angle. This enables the shot to end up being much more effective.

If you want to be more efficient when shooting on goal, then you should take a look at players’ shooting curve attributes to know those capable of shooting a finesse shot in the FIFA 22. This will tell how efficiently their shot will curve its way into the back of the net.

FIFA 22 Players with Best Curve Ability

Curve shot in FIFA game

Below is the ranking of the best FIFA 22 players with the highest shooting curves abilities:

  1. Lionel Messi – Paris Saint-Germain
  2. Ángel Di María – Paris Saint-Germain
  3. Gareth Bale – Real Madrid
  4. Paulo Dybala – Piemonte Calcio
  5. Hakim Ziyech – Chelsea
  6. Philippe Coutinho Correia – FC Barcelona
  7. Johannes Geis – FC Nürnberg
  8. Christian Eriksen – Inter
  9. Christian Eriksen – Brentford
  10. James Rodríguez – Everton
  11. Neymar Jr – Paris Saint-Germain
  12. Dani Parejo – Villarreal CF
  13. Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund
  14. Marcos Acuña – Sevilla FC
  15. Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez – Real Madrid
  16. Dominik Szoboszlai – RB Leipzig
  17. Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes – Manchester United
  18. Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool
  19. Lorenzo Insigne – Napoli
  20. Alex Nicolao Telles – Manchester United
  21. Raphael Holzhauser – Manchester United
  22. Shunsuke Nakamura – Manchester United
  23. Toni Kroos – Real Madrid
  24. Luis Suárez – Atlético Madrid
  25. Ilkay Gündogan – Manchester City
  26. Antoine Griezmann – Atlético Madrid
  27. Kieran Trippier – Atlético Madrid
  28. Luis Alberto Romero Alconchel – Latium
  29. Anderson Talisca – Al Nassr
  30. Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha – Orlando City Soccer Club 

Now you know the list of players with the high curve attribute in FIFA 22. Below is a tutorial on how to improve and shoot better curved or finesse shots in the FIFA 22 game.

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