What You Should Know to Manage FUT 22 With FIFA 22 Web App

FIFA 22 Web App

The FIFA 22 Web App is the newest way to manage your FUT 22. Starting Wednesday, September 22nd of 2021, you can access the FIFA 22 web application. With the FIFA 22 Web App, you will be able to manage your club and squad via the website on any device that has internet access. It works either with an account that you have created in-game or with the same account that you use for logging in on the console or PC app. It will also work with any language. You can configure your language, country, and other details.

FUT 22 web app

How to Access FIFA 22 Web App

You can access the FIFA 22 Web App by using the web browser on your desktop or laptop computer. If you plan to use FUT App on a mobile device, you should use FIFA 22 Companion App instead.

With FIFA 22 Web App, you will be able to manage:

  1. The squad that you have prepared before the start of the new season by customizing the players’ attributes and getting new FUT cards for them.
  2. The club level, where you can check the new arrivals, promotions and demotions made during the last transfer window. You can also check the number of credits, club XP, and club items that you will be able to use to get new cards;
  3. New FIFA points offer and other missions in order to earn FUT coins;
  4. The transfer market, where you will be able to manage your bids and check the players that you have added to your team. You can also sell or buy FUT players;
  5. The Squad builder which allows you to create an entirely new squad based on certain rules (e.g. with a specific formation, with a certain budget). You can then share the squad with your friends or community in order to create a squad where you might win prizes.
  6. The FUT draft which allows you to be part of a single-player team or enter a 6-man squad battle and fight against other users. There are also different types of drafts that you can participate in (Friendlies, Squad Battles, Friend Challenges…)

Answers to Questions FIFA 22 Gamers Need to Know

What Do I Need to Use the FUT Web App?

Before you can use the web app or companion app, you will need an EA Account, FIFA 22, and a FUT 22 Club.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users can access FUT 22 via the FUT Web App and FUT Companion App. There is no support for Nintendo Switch Accounts in the Web App or Companion App.

You should also set up a FUT Security Question on your console or PC version of FUT 22, as well as verify your EA Account log-in information.

When Does FIFA 22 Web App Come Out

FIFA 22 Web App became available starting launches on September 22, 2021. You should be able to access the early web and mobile launch if you created a FUT account, and logged in via your console or PC.

What Is Required to Use the FUT Web App and Companion App?

Currently, only web browsers that support our features will be able to use the FIFA 22 Web App. You must have a web browser that supports WebGL. Your favourite browser should always be updated. The FIFA 22 Web App is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari (Mac Only), Firefox, Edge, or Opera. Internet Explorer 11 is the only version supported. The FUT Web app supports Mobile Chrome on iOS and Android devices, as well as Mobile Safari on iOS.

Android and iOS versions of the companion app are available as well. As of now, Android 4.4.2 or higher and iOS 9.3 or higher are our minimum requirements.

How Do Multiple Accounts Work?

Inside FUT 22 Web App

The FUT Web App requires you to log in using the e-mail address associated with your EA account. If you play on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can have multiple Personas associated with your EA account. You can use the Persona Selector in the Settings menu to change between your Personas if you have more than one associated with your account. Signing out completely is necessary before you can log in to another account.

How to Buy or Add FIFA Points on Web App FIFA 22

FIFA Points may be acquired using the FIFA 22 Web App by clicking on the highlighted ‘+’ icon next to your current point total. This is located at the top-right corner of the screen, below your total quantity of gold.

Can I Be Logged Into My Console/PC and FUT Web App/Companion at the Same Time?

Trent Arnold as cover for FIFA 22 Web App

You cannot use the FUT Web App or Companion App while you are logged into the Console or PC version of FUT 22. When logging out of FUT on your Console or PC, always ensure that you go back to the main FIFA menu before shutting your system off, otherwise, you will need to wait to log in to the FIFA 22 Web App.

What Do I Need to Do in Order to Access the Transfer Market?

It is important that you and all players adhere to the rules in order for the Transfer Market to be fair for all players. You should be able to access the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion apps after playing FUT on your console or PC.

What’s up With My Returning User Rewards?

Players receive rewards based on their activity and engagement in the game as well as their good standing in the game. Because of this, your rewards may differ from those of your friends.

I Switched Platforms. Can I Get Access or My Rewards on My New Console?

Your console account is tied to any rewards you receive as a returning user and how fair you access the Transfer Market. Therefore, switching platforms or creating a new account on the same platform won’t transfer your rewards and access.

What You Should Know About Transfer Market Access with Web App and Companion App

It is necessary to play FUT on your console or PC for a few days (5 days is normal) before you can access the FUT Transfer Market on the FIFA 22 Web App and Companion App. Your Transfer Market access will be unlocked by the system in the event that your account status is good after playing FUT.


In the case that you have played FUT but your account is blocked from the Transfer Market, that means you have broken EA’s rules and your account is completely blocked from the Transfer Market.

Possible Reasons Why EA Your Account Access to Transfer Market:

  • You have been kicked off the Transfer Market by EA due to unusual activity on your account
  • You have broken some rules with your previous transfer market in the FIFA game
    • The Transfer Market will not be available on the Web or Companion apps if your account has violated any of the above. EA provides a fair platform for all players, nevertheless. If you think the sanction or restrictions of access placed on your account are an error or misstep, you contact the EA team via email at lets_talk@ea.com