FIFA 23 Pro Tips That Will Elevate Your Game-Playing Style

Al Nassr vs PSG in FIFA 23

Regardless of whatever time, day, or place you play FIFA 23, some FIFA pro tips are sure to make you a better player than millions of other players. As such, having a number of tips about the gameplay that can help you stand out from the crowd is necessary.

Let’s get right into how best to play the most competitive football game series in the world and it’s certainly one of the best-selling.

Driven Lobbed Through Balls

Ginola plays a long through ball to Mbappe on FIFA 23
Ginola plays a long through ball to Mbappe on FIFA 23

Through balls are a powerful tool in FIFA 23, and are just as effective as they were in FIFA 22 and FIFA 21. The driven lobbed through ball is particularly effective and is something that you should learn to use in your game. To perform the driven lobbed through ball, simply press the triangle and hold L1 and R1 buttons at the same time.

An important aspect of the through ball type is using or first tapping on the L1 button–to trigger runs–before tapping on R1 and triangle. This will help you to get your players running in the direction you want them to receive the ball successfully. For example, when you have the ball with Modric, hit the L1 button first to trigger runs. This will make your forward man in front, i.e Benzema, to start running towards the goal. Timing is also important, as you want to be onside but also behind.

Another thing you should do before taking this through balls is to distract your opponent by first passing. For instance, when you have the ball with Modric, and Mbappe is in a good position for a through ball, pass the ball to another player near Modric (say Kroos), instead of passing the ball directly to Mbappe. This will distract the opposing player and they will forget about the forward run of Mbappe. Then, from Kroos, play the through ball the first time to Mbappe, and he will go in on goal.

Long Shots

Long shots are another powerful goalscoring tool in FIFA 23, and there are two types: the Trivela and the Power Shot. To perform the Trivela shot, hold L2 and press Circle. To perform the power shot, press L1 and R1 and then Circle.

Trivela Shot

Trivela shot by Ginola in FIFA 23
Trivela shot taken by Ginola in FIFA 23

The Trivela shot is the most broken long shot in FIFA 23 and is a great way to score goals when you are struggling to break through the opposing team’s defense. The angle to do it at is important, as you want to be at an angle coming in from out wide, rather than flat to the goal. Another thing is to make sure you don’t sprint before you take a Trivela shot.

Power Shot

Ronaldo Shoots a Power Shot in FIFA 23
C. Ronaldo takes a power shot in FIFA 23

Power Shot is a technique used in FIFA 23 that is a bit different from a Trivela shot for two reasons. Firstly, the angle at which you are shooting is different as you are now going to be straight in front of the goal, which is the best time to do it. Secondly, it is a manually controlled shot which can be difficult to get used to and may take some time to master.

An example of a good time to use the Power Shot is when you have found a bit of space in front of the goal. In this situation, make sure to take the shot quickly because the Power Shot takes a little while to power up. It is only effective when you have some space to shoot from. Additionally, when facing straight at the goal to shoot, it can be difficult to aim accurately from a diagonal angle. In most diagonal cases, the Trivela shot is a more effective option then.

Another effective use of the Power Shot is when you are running into space one-on-one against a goalkeeper. In this scenario, you may have defenders on your back and know that they will catch up to you. If you can perform the Power Shot before they do, the goalkeeper will have no chance as they will not have enough time to rush out.

R1 Dribbling

Ronaldinho doing a dribbling skill in FIFA 23

R1 dribbling is a technique that allows players to dribble to be able to create space and make passes in the final third of the field. To use R1 dribbling, simply use left stick dribbling while holding R1 at the same time. This technique is most effective when you are trying to create that half a yard of space you’re looking for a pass to your striker. R1 dribbling is a great alternative to left-stick dribbling which has been overused and is no longer as effective.

For example, in a 2v2 match with one nil down, a player can use R1 dribbling to create space and pass to the striker, who then scores the goal. The same technique can be used in 1v1 matches, as well as out wide.

Second Man Press

Second Man Press technique in FIFA 23
Second Man Press technique in FIFA 23

The Second Man Press is an advanced technique used for defending in FIFA 23. The term “Second Man” refers to a second defender, after the primary defender, responsible for covering the (opponent) receiver and zone. The Second Man Press will allow you to press your opponent with a CPU while you’re controlling someone else. To use the Second Man Press in FIFA 23, simply hold R1 while defending. But, it’s essential to use it methodically and not just constantly press it down. For example, when your opponent is building up for a through ball on the right wing, you can trigger the Second Man Press to mark the through ball receiver and put pressure on the ball and the receiver at the same time. This will force your opponent to pass backward because they have run out of options to move the ball forward.

Use Skill Moves

Skill moves are a powerful tool in FIFA 23 and can greatly improve your gameplay at every level. Instead of chaining multiple skill moves together, it’s better to use one, wait, and then use another. One of the main advantages of using skill moves is that they can help create space in the final third of the pitch. This is important because it allows players to find chances to score goals. For example, if a player just stands still or tries to pass the ball, the space to score a goal may not open up. However, by using skill moves, players can create space and score goals at the same interval.

When using skill moves, it’s important to not sprint. Instead, perform them while walking or at a dead stop. This will make the skill move more effectively. For example, when Mbappe has the ball on the edge of the box with few options, two skill moves, a few stepovers, and a reverse elastico, can create space to score the goal.

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