How to Save and Watch Match Highlights FIFA 22


The most important and exciting parts of a match can be viewed, after a match has been completed, with the match highlights feature in the FIFA 22 game. You can access match highlights from the menu after finishing a match. Under ‘Match Highlights,’ you will also find match synopses, which compress your game highlights into a cinematic compilation. Moreso, match highlights can be viewed in all modes of the FIFA 22 game.

Tutorial: Record Your Match Highlights in FIFA 22

Example of a match recap or highlights

A number of FIFA players may not know this, there is no way to save your match highlights or replays in FIFA 22. Nonetheless, there is an alternative. You will need to record from your platform’s operating system depending on what platform you are using. Here is a guide on how to record your FIFA 22 match highlight across all platforms.

match highlights FIFA 22 (left bar)
Match highlights FIFA 22 (left bar)

PlayStation 4 Platform

Once you’ve completed your highlight replay, press the SHARE button on your PS4 controller to record the highlights. You’ll be able to save the video clip to your “Capture Gallery” app after selecting “Video Clip” in the sidebar. You can also upload your video clip to your Youtube channel directly.

Xbox One Platform

First, double tap on the Xbox button, Select the “Snap an App” option from the sidebar, then select “Game DVR” to record your gameplay highlights from the Xbox One. Afterward, your video will be saved in your Xbox One storage. It will also be available for sharing on your YouTube from that point.

PC Windows Platform

For Windows users, recording gameplay highlights requires using third-party video recorder software such as ShareX software or Free Cam.

Now that you know how to save and watch match highlights in FIFA 22, it’s time to put that knowledge to use. Go on FIFA 22 game and try out the numerous ways listed above watch as match highlights as you can in the game. See what the top players do in certain situations, and try to replicate it in your own game. The more you watch and learn, the better you’ll become at FIFA 22. So get out there and start watching those highlights!