how to play Online Soccer Manager

First, what is Online Soccer Manager (OSM)?

Online Soccer Manager 23/24 is an online football simulator game where you manage a real-life football team and walk them on a journey to stardom.

The aim of any, or perhaps most managers, when playing OSM 23/24 is to win as many possible titles throughout their career.

And the game offers a wide range of opportunities for this to occur.

For instance, some numerous leagues and teams have real players like Mbappe, which you can use to win trophies.

Team Selection

You must know that the game operates on a one-season basis, and after that, you’ll need to start fresh with a new team.

Another thing you should know and do wisely is pick a team from any of the popular leagues, such as England, Spain, or Germany.


They can be easily built to success.

And this is because they are already established in the game.

They have top-tier players, staff, and coaches too.

So for example, you could go for a powerhouse club like Manchester City, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich.

Between your second or third seasons with them, you will find yourself already winning some titles with them.


If you don’t know yet, matches occur once a day, and you face off against online managers.

Unlike traditional football games, OSM is a football simulator game.

And this means you don’t control players directly.

Instead, you focus on tweaking, from time to time, in-game elements like making transfers, setting tactics, making substitutes etc.

Squad Management

You can buy and sell players through the transfer market available in the game.

But, before you do more of buying and selling, ensure your players are in the right order.

We mean choose the best tactics, and designate specialists like captains and penalty takers.

Your captain should ideally be somebody above age 30.

For PK takers, if you have a player like Mbappe or Lewandoski in your team, you can make them that.

This is because they are good at shooting.


OSM also has a training ground where you can improve players’ abilities, and skills and therefore their performance on the pitch.

Mind you, the training system operates on an eight-hour cycle.

Players with green progress bars tell or signify growth in their abilities.

Stadium and Upgrades

You must continually invest in upgrading your stadium.

This increases seating capacity.

And more seating capacity means more money each time you play home matches.

In-Game Currency

Ensure you consistently earn Boss Coins.

One effective and also free way to do this is by watching ads.

You can also purchase Boss Coins with real money in the shop.

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