Dream League Soccer 2024 Best Players

Dream League Soccer 2024 Best Players

After gaming so long on Dream League Soccer 2023, Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 24) has been finally released and DLS fans are rushing to play and dominate the DLS 24 game as their mobile device meets its requirements.

But one crucial question is, do you know the best players in DLS 24 that can help you beat any team? If not all?

As a matter of fact, we know all about that.

And so, to help rank easily and quickly to the highest division in Dream League Soccer 2024, we have added all the Dream League Soccer 2024 best players below to this post.

Please check the table carefully for the DLS 24 best players and their overall rating.

Dream League Soccer 2024 Best Players: The 10 Most Outstanding Players

Player NameOverall RatingFootball Club
Erling Haaland87Man City
Kylian Mbappe87PSG
Kelvin De Bruyne86Man City
Lionel Messi85Inter Miami
Harry Kane85Bayern Munich
Vinicius Junior85Real Madrid
Thibaut Courtois85Real Madrid
Marc-Andre Ter-Stegen85Barcelona
Robert Lewandoski84Barcelona

Who Is The Best Midfielder In Dream League Soccer 2023?

Kelvin De Bruyne is the best midfielder in DLS 24 and holds the highest pass attribute (94). He also has 87 attributes for corner kicking and 85 for shooting.

Who Is The Best Striker In Dream League Soccer 2023?

Erling Haaland is the best striker in DLS 24 as he is rated an overall of 87 with attribute ratings of 90 in speed, 91 in strength, and 94 in shooting.

Who Is The Best Player In Dream League Soccer 2023?

Lionel Messi is the best player or most complete player for a single position in Dream League Soccer 2023 with an overall rating of 86. In a Facebook poll, 6,726 Dream League Soccer fans voted Messi as the best player in DLS 23. 5,241 fans voted Cristiano Ronaldo as second best, while Neymar came in third with 1834 votes.

Who Is The Best Goalkeeper In Dream League Soccer 2023?

Alisson Becker has a higher goalkeeping skills of 80 and a goalkeeper reflex score of 85 than any goalkeeper in DLS 24.

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