eFootball 2024 Friend Match: How To Create or Join and Play With Friends

Friend Match mode in eFootball 2024

An eFootball 2024 Friend Match is a multiplayer mode that allows players to play against one another in the game.

This is a guide we have written to help you if this is your first time playing eFootball 2024 friend match mode or perhaps you’re just getting to know the multiplayer mode in the game.

With this guide, we share how you can set up an eFootball 2024 friend match or join one.

How To Play Friends on eFootball 2024 Friend Match Mode Online

Connect to the Internet

  • Ensure a stable internet connection.

Confirm Friend’s Connection

  • Verify your friend’s internet connection.

Launch eFootball 2024 Mobile

  • Open the game.

Access Dream Team

  • From the in-game home screen, select “Dream Team.”
  • Within the Dream Team tab, click on “Friend Match.”
    • Here, you have the choice to create
      • 1 vs. 1 match room
      • Co-op 3 vs. 3 match room
      • Search for your friend’s room
three options to play with a friend in 1 vs 1 Match Room tab in eFootball 2024

Create a 1 vs 1 Match Room

  • Tap “Create 1 vs 1 Match Room” to set conditions.
  • Toggle on “Set Password.”
  • Input the desired “Match Room password” and remember it.
  • Click “Create” below the setup page.

Copy Match Room Details

Friend Match number box in eFootball 2024
  • On the next tab, click “Copy Match Room No.”
  • Share the “Match Room number” and password with your friend.

Invite Your Friend

  • At this point, your friend needs to open eFootball 2024.
  • In their in-game home screen, select “Dream Team.”

Join via Match Room Number

Search Match Room section in eFootball 2024
  • Tap “Search Using Match Room No.”
  • Paste or Enter your Match Room Number (created by your friend) and press “Enter.”
  • This will automatically redirect your friend to your Match Room.

Start the Match

    – Now, your friend needs to click on “Start Match” in the Match Room tab.

    – You also need to click “Start Match” in your Match Room.

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