Fans Divided over FC24 Ultimate Edition Cover Selections and Visuals

Fans Criticize FC24 Cover on instagram

EA Sports has recently revealed the eagerly anticipated FC24 Ultimate Edition Cover, marking a significant branding change for the renowned game developers. The new cover features an impressive lineup of over 30 football stars, encompassing past legends, present icons, and future talents. Fans have been buzzing with criticisms, and excitement sharing their thoughts on the cover’s design and player selections. Let’s delve into the details and reactions surrounding the release of FC24 Ultimate Edition Cover.

FC24 Ultimate Edition Cover Showcases Football’s Finest

EA Sports FC 24 (FC24), the fresh face of the popular football video game series, has unveiled its Ultimate Edition Cover. The visual features an array of Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Bundesliga icons, along with international superstars representing their respective countries. Notably, the cover highlights a diverse blend of male and female players, reflecting the growing prominence of women’s football in the gaming world.

Fans React with Mixed Opinions On FC24 Ultimate Edition Cover Selections

As with any selection of this magnitude, fan reactions have been diverse. Some fans expressed surprise and disappointment at the omission of football superstars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo from the cover. However, it’s worth noting that Messi has an exclusive deal with a competing game brand, Konami

where’s Messi Ronaldo Mbappé? 😮


No Messi or Ronaldo is crazy


Another player who raised eyebrows with his absence is Kylian Mbappe, who previously graced the FIFA23 Ultimate Edition cover. Manchester City striker and rising star Sam Kerr takes center stage on the FC24 Ultimate Edition Cover.

Where is Mbape


Visuals and Likenesses Draw Attention

Alongside discussions about player selections, fans have also engaged in debates about the visuals and likenesses portrayed on the cover. Some users criticized the graphics, likening them to The Sims or suggesting they were created using subpar AI technology.

This is genuinely the most awful thing I’ve seen. Please tell me this is a joke? Looks like a Sims DLC


Great idea bad execution!!!


This has to be a joke, how can the graphics get worse wtf


Meanwhile some individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with the player likenesses, highlighting specific examples like Bukayo Saka and Ronaldinho.

What have you guys done to Saka


Despite these criticisms, many fans remain eager to experience the revamped gaming experience offered by EA Sports FC24.

Still don’t know how to say “Let’s play EAFC” …instead of FIFA …I’ll buy the game though


The Journey Continues: FC24 Gameplay Trailer Release

EA Sports has further whetted fans’ appetites by teasing the release of the full FC24 gameplay trailer. Set to launch on Thursday, July 13, this trailer promises to offer a comprehensive preview of the thrilling football action that awaits players in FC 24.

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