FM24 Mobile Review (Logging from Netflix)

Review of Football Manager 2024 Mobile

Considering whether it is worth subscribing to Netflix for Football Manager 2024 Mobile, we are doing an FM24 mobile review (logging in from Netflix). The key takeaways are that while it does not feature many new additions, it provides an accessible entry point for newcomers through an improved tutorial and matchday experience.

Onboarding with Netflix

FM24 Mobile is exclusively available through Netflix. You must log in using your Netflix account to play. For existing subscribers, this allows them to try the game for free. However, it alone does not justify subscribing to Netflix.

Updated Tutorial

The game advertises “effortless onboarding” and provides a new in-game tutorial walking you through the interface. This helps newcomers navigate the various menus and understand tactical styles through descriptions and examples. Such guidance was missing before.


You can now do short pre-and post-match team talks through simple options like “relaxed” or “motivated.” Match performance is broken down into concise positives and negatives highlighting what went well and what needs improving. These tweaks make the match experience more engaging.

Manager Profiles

Unlocking different “titles” through your career impacts how certain player personalities react. While somewhat “gimmicky,” it fits the mobile format. More impactful options could come through playing longer to see these profiles evolve.


If you have Netflix, give it a try as a free entry point. But it alone does not warrant subscribing. Those also having Apple Arcade may prefer the improved “Touch” version instead. Overall, the tutorial and matchdays are more newcomer-friendly, even if they lack exciting new features for veterans.

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