FM24 Youth Intake Tips and Tricks To Create a Golden Generation Squad

Football Manager 2024 or FM24 Youth Intake Tips and Tricks

Oftentimes times managers wait with anticipation for their youth intake day, only to be disappointed by the below-par talents.

But fear not henceforth, if you have ever felt this way.

Hence, if you are looking for the top tips and tricks to bring a golden generation of young talent to your FM24 youth intake, keep reading as we share the best FM24 youth intake tips and tricks.

In this article, we will debunk some myths surrounding FM24 youth intake and reveal factors that will significantly impact the quality of your young prospects.

So, let’s dive into the world of FM24 and equip you with the knowledge and strategies to achieve that elusive golden generation.

How to Improve Youth Recruitment or Youth Intakes in FM24

For FM24 youth intake, there are three primary elements on the facilities screen that wield considerable influence over your youth intake quality: Youth Facilities, Junior Coaching, and Youth Recruitment.

Youth Facilities

Football Manager 2024 Youth Facilities

Youth Facilities represent the resources available to your young players before they officially enter your first-team squad.

These facilities support the development of players in the under-12s and under-15s teams, which are not visible in Football Manager 2024.

So, investing in better youth facilities will improve the pre-intake development of your prospects.

This also means the youth will arrive in your first team with a more refined skill set.

Junior Coaching

The quality of your coaching staff for under-12s and under-13s teams also impacts your youth intake in FM24.

Better coaches on higher levels in these teams result in better-coached and talented youth players who will emerge in your youth intake, having received superior football coaching guidance.

Youth Recruitment

Youth Recruitment acts as a net that determines the reach of your scouting efforts.

Clubs with higher youth recruitment will have scouts searching for talent in a broader geographical area.

This increases the chances of discovering the best FM24 Wonderkids worldwide.

If you want to enhance your youth recruitment, navigate to your Club Vision, and submit board requests to improve your facilities, coaching, and recruitment.

Luck Has a Role

Before going into the strategies and factors to improve your youth intake, let’s tell you that luck tells a lot of what comes out of Football Manager 2024.

All we are saying here is that Football Manager is just like real-life football, where match outcomes are determined by chance.

The same goes for FM24 youth intakes.

However, there’s a twist – you can buy more tickets in this virtual virtual football world.

And every tip and factor we share here acts as an extra ticket which will increase your chances of striking the gold pot with your youth intake. In FM24.

Relative Player Ability

One of the first things you should understand about FM24 youth intake is that player ability and youth intake rating are relative to the club level you’re managing.

In Football Manager 2024, player star ratings reflect a player’s standing within your club compared to other players.

For example, a player with a three-and-a-half-star rating at a top club like Dortmund may not hold the same rating if they played in a lower-division club.

Keep in mind that for FM24 youth intake, a five-star youth intake in a lower-tier club doesn’t necessarily mean those players are on par with Real Madrid or Barcelona prospects either.

It’s all about how they rank within your specific club.

So, understanding this relative context is essential as it can influence your perception of your youth intake in Football Manager 2024.

Smashing the Reputation Myth

One common misconception is that a club’s reputation significantly influences the quality of youth intake.

While reputation does play a role, it serves only as a tiebreaker in situations where two clubs have similar youth recruitment levels.

You must know that reputation only comes into play as a deciding factor when youth recruitment levels are identical.

A club with a higher reputation may attract more young talents in such cases.

So, please don’t rely solely on reputation to improve your Football manager youth intake.

Head of Youth Development’s Impact

Football Manager 2024 Head of Youth Development.jpg

Your Head of Youth Development is a crucial staff member who can significantly affect the quality of your youth intakes.

Pay attention to three key attributes: “working with young players,” “judging player potential,” and “judging player ability.”

The more positive these attributes are, the more your Head of Youth Development can contribute to the growth of your young prospects.

Nonetheless, the two other factors can influence FM24 youth intake even more profoundly.

First, consider your Head of Youth Development’s personality.

A “Model Professional” personality can positively impact the personalities of young players emerging from your intakes, and even enhance their development.

Additionally, the Head of Youth Development’s preferred formation can affect the positions designated for each young player as they enter your squad.

While this is not all-out critical, aligning your FM24 youth intake preferred formation with your tactical approach can be advantageous.

Scouting Knowledge

Some players suggest that the scouting knowledge of your Head of Youth Development can influence FM24 youth intake.

While it’s not entirely proven, it’s wise to consider this factor when selecting a Head of Youth Development.

Their knowledge of a specific nation could potentially lead to players from that nation appearing in your youth intake.

Affiliated Clubs Matter

Football Manager 2024 Affiliated Clubs

Affiliated clubs can have a significant impact on FM24 youth intake.

You can receive Academy players from your affiliate clubs in your own youth ranks.

This means that players from other regions or countries can be part of your youth intake.

To establish such an affiliation in FM24, navigate to your Club Vision, request board approval, and choose “affiliate club.”

This will unlock the door to additional sources of talented prospects for your squad.

Game Importance and Youth Rating

Every nation in Football Manager 2024 possesses hidden attributes called game importance and youth rating.

Game importance in FM24 measures how significant football is in a particular country.

Meanwhile, youth rating quantifies a nation’s ability to produce talented young players in DM24.

Nations with high game importance and youth ratings are more likely to generate outstanding young talents.

As a result, you’ll often see more Wonderkids emerging from countries like Brazil, Argentina, and England.

While these attributes are difficult to alter, understanding their influence can help you manage your expectations and rewards regarding FM24 youth intakes.

If you like, you can browse all FM24 Wonderkids in all positions, as well as FM24 Skins already released.

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