Top Eleven Top 5 Mistakes Made by Managers

A manager informing players about his tactics and gameplay in Top Eleven

There are many common mistakes that managers tend to fall into when playing Top Eleven.

This is not even based on the premise that some beginner managers don’t play or make use of some aspect of the game very well.

So in this article, we share these common mistakes. Precisely, the top five of them (made by managers). Also, we’ll tell you how to avoid them.

You should avoid these errors regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. This will, to a great extent, increase your success rate in the Top Eleven.

Not Studying the Opponent

Top Eleven Match Report

Many managers, especially beginners, in Top Eleven overlook studying their rivals.

Let’s take an example: you’re about to play a match against a tough team like Inter FC.

Your team’s overall quality is 129, while your opponent’s is 117.4 percent. At first glance, it might seem like a close match, but that’s not the full story.

When evaluating your opponent, look beyond overall quality.

Check their player profiles, club history, and tactics. If the rival has an impressive track record, it’s a sign that they’re a very good manager.

Look further and analyze their squad’s main attributes, tactics, and playing style to prepare your team effectively.

The main goal here is to be well-informed about your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to gain a competitive edge.

Not Upgrading Stadium Facilities

Top Eleven Facilities

Early in your Top Eleven journey, you might be tempted to focus solely on the matches and training your players.

However, upgrading your stadium and ground facilities is equally important. This helps to develop your club.

Enhancing facilities like parking, youth training, and medical influence your team’s performance.

For instance, investing in youth training allows you to develop young players who can serve your club for a long time.

Upgrading the medical facilities will provide healing packs, and reduce the rate or duration of player injuries. Pitch upgrades also lower the risk of injuries, note.

In addition, a stadium capacity upgrade will also lead to more fans and higher spectator numbers and that means generating extra income for your club. So, don’t overlook these upgrades

Playing Matches Without Preparation

Top Eleven Training Intensity

Playing matches without adequate preparation will often lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Your players’ condition is critical, with 99 percent being ideal for challenging matches.

Weaker opponents might not demand such high conditions, around 80 percent is good.

To be fully prepared against strong teams, you can double your training by watching advertisements.

You can also check the match preview to address red cards, injuries, or other issues with your squad. Following these steps ensures your team is ready to face any opponent.

Spending or Misusing Tokens Wrongly

Top Eleven Tokens

Tokens are a valuable resource in Top Eleven.

Wasting them on unnecessary items like jerseys or bundles is a common mistake almost every manager has made at one time or another while playing Top Eleven.

So rather, use tokens to enhance your team’s performance.

This can be more yielding if you invest the tokens in the transfer market for quality players.

But, avoid spending them on scouting, negotiation, or assistant offers, as these are often not cost-effective.

Training players incorrectly

Training drill in Top Eleven

Training your players in Top Eleven is very important, but doing the training wrongly is a waste of time.

In Top Eleven, there are various drills available for attacking, defensive, physical, and mental training.

But, one thing you should know is that using all types of training in one training session can be inefficient. And therefore, unnecessary.

For the best training, consider customizing your training sessions by combining different drills and selecting different groups of players.

Take for instance, if you want to train defenders, you should focus on defense-oriented drills.

On the other hand, you can also look at the specific attributes of players you want to do more within matches. After that, you can select drills that target these key attributes.

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