Dream League Soccer 2024 Beginner Guide: 20 Tips and Tricks

Dream League Soccer 24 Beginner Guide

You definitely will have downloaded Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 24) by now.

But now, you might have wondered, how can you play the DLS 24 game and get the best rewards in the shortest time possible?

Here are 24 tips and tricks for beginners that will help you hit the ground running and put you on the right track in DLS 24 game.

Updated Player Data and Ratings

Player faces, kits, and overall ratings have been updated to match the 2023-24 soccer season.

So, just check your squad – you will see players wearing new uniforms if they switched clubs.

And if you don’t know player ratings in every new DLS game are changed based on players’ real-life performances. Check the full list of rating changes online.

New Dream Draft Mode

Dream League Soccer 2024 now has a dream draft – so you can pick a team by drafting players to compete in tournaments. 

Although DLS 24 will charge you $3.99 USD to enter your first draft.

Nonetheless, the rewards you will get from Dream Draft are worthwhile, if you win all 7 rounds. 

Meanwhile, if you want to be a free-to-play user only, you can watch videos to earn draft entries concurrently or over time.

Improved Gameplay

When playing a match, ensure you do close-control dribbling and secondary pressing. 

This will make the match feel under control from your end. more realistic.

So go and learn how to perform the new skills in DLS 24 like shielding the ball or putting pressure on opponents off the ball. 

Aside that, we will tell you to carefully time secondary presses.

Try Trick Shots in Training

The new skills in DLS 24 can create good goalscoring opportunities for bicycle kicks, volleys, and long shots.

You should use the training ground to perfect how to do this. That will be easy and better.

This is because the training ground is a low-pressured place to experiment with creative finishes.

Complete Challenges for Rewards

New daily, weekly, and live challenges in DLS 24 provide frequent objectives to earn bonus items. 

So, try to complete free challenges every day.

Moreso, you should play, or work and target bigger prizes in weekly missions. 

There are also event challenges on weekends that offer valuable coaches and agents as prizes.

Spanish Commentary Added

You can now listen to Spanish commentary in DLS.

All you have to do is switch your audio language to Spanish when you go to the settings.

This will make the commentator speak in Spanish while you play a match in DLS 24. 

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, just add it and test how it sounds. 

For those who don’t know, the English commentary in DLS 24 also had an update. Meaning you can stick to your familiar style of commentary or a new one instead.

Improved Graphics Quality

Yes, the graphic content in DLS 23 is different from DLS 24. 

DLS 24 graphics were upgraded. And because of this, the visual gameplay while playing a match is good-looking.

Not only graphics, stadiums, kits, faces, and animations have all been updated than before.

Customize Your Club

There are new kit patterns and badge templates in the DLS 24’s customization menu. 

This freshens up your club’s look. 

But, as always, you can experiment with different color combinations for your dream team to stand out in matches.

Save Replays of Great Moments

There is a replay button in every DLS game. 

But, the Replay Menu in DLS 24 allows you to save highlights directly from matches.

This means you will not miss a moment to rewatch or post stunning goals, near misses, or crazy saves made by either your player or your opponent’s player.

Try Different Formations in Draft

In DLS 24’s dream draft mode,

You can change your formation to any other available formation,

This will help change to or use only the suitable players when you need them during a match. 

Take, for example, the 4-3-3 formation may work better than a 4-4-2 with a certain draft pick. 

Don’t be afraid to tweak tactics.

Scout Youth Academy Players

You should consistently scout young talents who can grow into world-class players over time. 

This will help you save many coins that could have been lavished on an 80-rated player.

If you can get very good or potential youngsters, just sign them up there. That will be very cheap because they are still developing.

After that, you will have to nurture their potential in your academy.

Use Fitness and Tactics Coaches

So, in DLS 24, we have three types of coaches available. 

There are technical, fitness, and goalkeeping coaches.

All these support staff help your team maintain and improve your squad gradually over the 38 league games. 

So find the coins to buy them, even if you can only get one rare level of coach, that will have a good impact on your team.

Meanwhile, we will advise you to rotate coaches to avoid fatigue injuries and get tactical edges match-to-match.

Shadow Strikers in Penalty Kicks

For people who often fail at one-on-one chances in DLS, take note of this advice.

Whenever you have a striker on to a keeper, just wait for the goalkeeper’s early dive before picking which corner you shoot the ball.

If they stay put, try chipping the ball down the middle where they are.

Play Short Corners and Free Kicks

Whenever you have a corner, just do a tap, and play short set pieces for a simple passing option.

Don’t risk taking a corner through a long ball into the box often. 

Use Season and Live Event Pass

In this new DLS, there are Season and Live Event Pass.

This means you can unlock exclusive perks and bonus items if you choose to purchase the passes. 

Watch Ad Videos for Extra Rewards

For free extra stamina, coins, and other bonuses, watch ads video on DLS 24.

A 30-second advertisement between matches can earn you many coins daily.

Try Touches in the Box

When you control a player in the penalty area, just hold and release the screen, your player shields the ball from defenders.

This will allow for short passes or shots on the turn.

Play Through Balls Early

Through ball or passes leading runners can give them a better chance to break clear of the back line. 

Only do this if you have high-passing stat players that can thread pass forward regardless of where they are on the field.

For instance, if you have a player like De Bruyne, to can try this with him when he has the ball.

Build Chemistry Over Time

Squad chemistry or Squad cohesion in a dream squad can improve with regular appearances and performance together. 

You can maintain a consistent lineup and formation, when possible. 

This will boost stats and chemistry.

Buy Players Within Your Budget

Overspending leaves little room for upgrades in DLS. 

Scout the transfer market daily every day you enter the game. 

This will ensure you don’t miss good deals on players who will be affordable and can strengthen your team significantly.

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