eFootball 2022 Legends: The Best of the Best

eFootball 2022 Legends

eFootball 2022 is growing rapidly. eFootball 2022 legends and eFootball 22 legendary cards have become a great part of the eFootball™ game franchise’s exponential growth. These legendary players or veterans have made a name for themselves by playing at the top level, and their achievements will surely be remembered long after their retirement from football.

As a fan of the game, it’s important for you to learn about these eFootball 2022 legends. At least for a better winning chance against opponents. It is also important to have eFootball 2022 legends in the game as they will be able to help you get intriguing rewards. So? let’s take a look at some of the greatest players — or eFootball 2022 legends — to ever don a real and now virtual jersey!

eFootball 22 Legendary Cards

First of all, what are eFootball legendary cards?

eFootball legendary cards are a type of card that can be used in eFootball. They are a special type of card representing legendary players available in the eFootball game franchise e.g. eFootball 2022 legends. These iconic players are available in myClub game mode in the Konami football game series. In all Konami game series, every eFootball legend costs a lot to purchase.

With eFootball 2022 legends, you have significant advantages over average or slightly above-average players. A Gamerina Team analysis of eFootball 2022 Legends discovered that these iconic players always have B or higher forms during matches. In that case, getting them in the game would be really cool.

Official eFootball Legends or Legendary Players (National Teams)

Below are all legendary cards plus new legendary cards added in the eFootball 22 game.

  1. Freddie Ljungberg
  2. Tomáš Rosický
  3. Patrick Vieira
  4. Ronaldinho
  5. Johan Cruyff
  6. Diego Maradona
  7. Oliver Kahn
  8. David Beckham
  9. A. Pirlo
  10. J. Koller
  11. M. Owen

Final Words on eFootball 2022 Legends

eFootball 2022 legends are the best of the best in the PES 2022 game. These eFootball 2022 legends or veterans have high ratings in the game, making them some of the very best players to have on your team. Regardless, it is worth noting that eFootball 2022 features other high-level players other than icons. So, if you’re looking to dominate the competition more in the eFootball 2022 game, be sure to check out our guide on the top players with the highest overall ratings and add them to your team. You won’t be sorry.

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