eFootball 2024 Mobile Requirements (iOS and Andriod)

iOS and Andriod device compatibility for eFootball 2024 Mobile

In case you don’t know, eFootball 2024 is a compressed console-level game for mobiles (iOS and Android). For the game to be compressed and playable on iOS and Android, mobile devices must meet certain already specified eFootball 2024 mobile requirements before they can play the game.

As released by Konami, there are the set of requirements that govern the deployment of the mobile game called eFootball 2024 on mobile phones. These compatibility or requirements vary for both iOS and Android users.

eFootball 2024 Mobile Requirements For Android Users:

  • Operating System Requirement: Android OS, Version 7.0 or higher is essential.
  • Memory Capacity: Ensure your device boasts a minimum of 2 GB of RAM or more.
  • Processing Power: We recommend a quad-core CPU based on ARM architecture, clocked at 1.5 GHz or higher for optimal performance.
  • Size: 2.0 Gb

eFootball 2024 Mobile Requirements For iOS Users:

  • Operating System Requirement: iOS 13 or higher
  • Compatible iPhone Models: iPhone 6s and newer models are fully supported.
  • iPad Experience: iPad Pro (9.7-inch) and newer, iPad Air 2 and above, iPad mini 4 and above, as well as iPod touch (7th generation) and iPad (5th generation) and later are all compatible with our app.
  • Size: 2.3 Gb

eFootball 2024 Mobile Settings for the Best Gameplay

Settings for eFootball 2024 Mobile Graphics

Once you have successfully installed eFootball 2024 Mobile, it is recommended that you check the available graphic settings – high, standard, mid, and low – to identify the most suitable one for your mobile device.

It is worth mentioning that the higher the graphic setting, the better the visual experience, while lower settings may lead to a low-quality visual experience.

You can easily locate, test, and modify the graphic settings on the start page of the eFootball 2024 mobile by clicking the button at the bottom right-hand corner.

Settings for eFootball 2024 Mobile FPS (Frames Per Second)

FPS (Frames Per Second) is an essential feature in eFootball 2024 Mobile, as it determines the smoothness of the gameplay.

If you encounter any lags while playing the game, you need to switch the FPS to atleast 30fps (first) for a smoother experience.

There are four types of FPS in eFootball 2024- 60fps, 30fps, 20fps, and 15fps.

If you continue to experience lags at 30fps, you can try lowering it to 20fps or 15fps. But, that will mean lesser gaming experience.

eFootball 2024 Mobile Requirements Fix for iOS and Andriod

If you still encounter problems downloading the eFootball 2024 game on your mobile device or your device isn’t compatible with this version, watch the video below.

Which Phones Can Play eFootball 2024

  1. iPhone 6s or higher
  2. iPad Pro (9.7-inch) or higher
  3. iPad Air 2 or higher
  4. iPad mini 4 or higher
  5. iPod touch (7th generation)
  6. iPad(5th generation) or higher
  7. Android with OS7.0 or higher, and at least 2 GB RAM or higher

Can 2gb RAM Phone Play eFootball 2024

Yes, a phone with at least 2GB of RAM can play the eFootball 2024 Mobile game. But not only that. The phone is also expected to have an Operating System of 7.0 or higher plus and a CPU of 1.5 GHz or higher.

More On eFootball 2024 Requirements

Finally, if you intend to play (or have already began playing) eFootball 2024 on a PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, or Steam, you should check the eFootball 2024 requirements for these systems beforehand.

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