eFootball 2024 Defense Guide: Top Techniques To Lockdown Your Backline

eFootball 2024 Defense Pressure

Following the launch of eFootball 2024, many players have consistently asked “How better can they defend as a team?”. We answer and address this problem in this article. 

On how best to defend in eFootball 2024, we break down this guide into three key techniques: zonal defense, team pressure, and aggressive man-to-man defending. The following techniques will help you learn how to stop your opponent’s players before they can shoot past your goalie.

Zonal Defense: Patience and Awareness

eFootball 2024 Defense by Zonal

Zonal defense is all about patience and defensive awareness. 

For Zonal defense style in eFootball 2024, your defenders (or the ones you purchase) need to have defense awareness, blocker, and interception skills.

To execute this defense style, the plan is to let your opponent’s play develop, while you stay vigilant and not commit too early. All you have to do is wait and defend at “confident” or unlikely-to-fail zones. Or better still, just wait to exploit your opponent’s mistakes e.g. slow or bad pass.

For instance, you can track back with Declan Royce as DMF, after patiently waiting for the right moment to make a move. This strategy involves waiting and using the player to predict your opponent’s actions and block passes without overcommitting.

Team Pressure: A Balanced Approach

eFootball 2024 Defense by Teammate Pressure

Team pressure is a balanced approach that combines aspects of zonal and man-to-man defense. 

For the Team pressure defense style in eFootball 2024, your defenders (or the ones you purchase) need to have speed or/and acceleration, tackle or/and defense awareness, blocker, and interception skills.

To do this type of defense you need to let your AI-controlled teammates cover one side of the opposing player while you cover the other side manually. So for instance say you have the opposing player heading the ball towards your post, you can control van Dijk while AI controls De Ligt and they both put pressure on the opponent. To do these, Hold Matchup L2.

This technique will sometimes require you to block passing lanes and closing spaces. Marquinhos is an example of a player who excels at this strategy.

As AI-controlled teammates apply pressure and you become selective in your manual control, you can maintain control of the game while frustrating your opponent. However, keep in mind that being too aggressive with team pressure can leave you vulnerable on the counter-attack.

Aggressive Man-to-Man Defense: High Risk, High Reward

eFootball 2024 Defense Man to Man

Aggressive man-to-man defense is the riskiest but most rewarding technique. This approach involves getting up close and aggressively tackling and intercepting opposing players with the ball. Some center backs favourable for this type of defense style are Timber, Kounde, and Alaba.

To succeed with an aggressive man-to-man defense style, you defenders must have speed, aggression, tackle, def awareness, blocker, and interception skills.

This approach is best suited for quick counter-attacks because you will be able to regain possession deep in your opponent’s territory. However, it requires controlled aggression. Being overly aggressive can lead to fouls and counter-attacks against you.

Adapting to Your Opponent

In eFootball 2024, you need to know your opponent playing style and adapt your defensive style to efficiently block off their attacks. If you’re facing an aggressive player, consider baiting them with possession play and then counter-attacking. When dealing with a relentless opponent, don’t hesitate to switch to a more conservative formation to maintain control.

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