eFootball 2024 Best Managers (Including Booster Managers) For All Playstyles

The best managers and playstyles in eFootball 2024

We have two types of managers in eFootball.

The booster managers and the standard managers.

These two types of managers are subdivided into categories according to their playstyles.

You may not fully know what booster managers are in eFootball 2024, what they do, or how they can enhance your squad.

Because of this, before we reveal the best managers in eFootball 2024 for each playstyle in eFootball 2024, we talk about booster managers first.

Virtually every little thing you need to know about eFootball 2024 booster managers.

This breakdown will be done in a way where you will have quality knowledge that can help you make an informed decision on whether to invest in them or not.

After that, we share the eFootball 2024 best managers for all playstyles available in the game.

Booster Managers and Their Players

Booster managers in eFootball are real-life football managers with their managerial abilities and the best eleven players in their football clubs.

When you intend to buy a booster manager the first decision you need to make is whether you are primarily interested in the booster manager or the accompanying players.

For example, check if any of the players in the pack can be a valuable upgrade to your existing squad.

But what other things need to be considered when you want to sign a manager in eFootball 2024?

Let’s discuss this.

Manager Abilities

Each booster manager provides a +1 boost to one particular ability within your squad.

For instance, Arteta offers a +1 to Low pass, Ten Haag enhances your team’s speed by +1, and Xavi improves ball control by +1.

While a single +1 may not seem like a significant boost, there’s more to consider.

These managers all have a proficiency of 85 and come with a long ball counter tactic.

This means that with one of these managers in your squad, you get more than one bonus on all abilities.

The Power of Calculation

eFootball booster managers can be extremely beneficial for your player if you do the proper calculations before purchasing them.

When you have an epic booster card, a booster manager with an 85 proficiency, and an S bonus, you can achieve a remarkable +5 ability bonus.

Let us give an example.

If you’ve trained a player like Makélélé and boosted his speed to 79, an epic booster card gifts him a +2 bonus (equalling 81 speed).

Now, having 85 proficiency in the booster manager, say Ten Hag, will provide another +2 on all abilities (meaning Makélélé will have 83 speed now).

Remember Ten Haag also has a booster effect that adds +1 speed player stat to all players in a squad.

In total, this will result in Makélélé having 84 rated speeds, which is a 5-rate increase.

eFootball 2024 Claude Makelele

Manager Tactic Choices

When selecting your booster manager, consider the manager’s designated or preferred playing style.

If you favor quick counter and outwit tactics, Arteta is the way to go, as he allows you to use these tactics.

On the other hand, Xavi plays by the quick counter playstyle.

Keep in mind that if you wish to retain the +2 Squad bonus, you must stick to your booster manager’s primary tactic, which is usually at 85 proficiency in eFootball 2024 — if not, you’ll lose the bonus.

Evaluate Worth

The question of whether investing in booster managers is worth it depends on your unique squad and tactics. GP managers provide a +2 bonus to all players, which is still a compelling option.

So, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the +5 bonus potential from a booster manager is worth your investment.

Players in the Pack

In terms of the players included in booster manager packs, it’s important to note that some players are worthy, while others might not be so valuable.

Your decision to go for these players should depend on what traits these players have, and if they match your specific squad needs.

eFootball 2024 Best Managers Per Playstyles

Now, we share the best managers in eFootball 2024 for each playstyle.

Possession Playstyle

Manager Luis A. Roman in eFootball 2024

Luis A. Roman is the best manager in eFootball 2024 or the best coach in efootball 2024. He is best with Possession game as he has a total rating of 87 in the Possession game. This eFootball 2024 best manager also known as Pep Guardiola in real life costs 500,000 GP in the game.

Quick Counter Playstyle

Manager Zeitzler in eFootball 2024

G. Zeitzler is the best coach in eFootball 2024 for the Quick Counter playstyle as he has the highest rating of 87 in Quick Counter as a manager. Zeitzler , known as Jurgen Klopp in real life, costs 480,000GP GP in the game.

G. Gasperini is the second best coach in eFootball 2024 for the Quick Counter playstyle as he has the highest rating of 80 in Quick Counter as a manager. Gasperini costs just 100,000 GP.

Manager G. Gasperini in eFootball 2024

Long Ball Counter Playstyle

Manager Cristo Valbuena in eFootball 2024

Cristo Valbuena is the eFootball 2024 best coach for the Long Ball Counter playstyle as he has the highest rating of 85 in Long Ball Counter as a manager. Valbuena, also known as Diego Simeone in real life, costs just 320,000 GP in the game.

Out Wide Playstyle

Manager Tuchel in eFootball 2024

T. Tuchel is the best manager in eFootball 2024 for the Out Wide playstyle as he has the highest rating of 85 in Out Wide as a manager. Tuchel cost just 290,000 GP.

Long Ball Playstyle

Manager T. Helson in eFootball 2024

T. Helson is the best manager in eFootball 2024 for the Long Ball playstyle as he has the highest rating of 85 in Long Ball as a manager. He cost just 200,000 GP.

Other Things to Know

Who is the Most Expensive Manager in eFootball 2024?

Luis A. Roman is the most expensive manager in eFootball 2024 as he costs a total of 500,000 GP.

What eFootball 2024 Fans Want About Managers?

In my opinion each manager should have their attributes. Like compactness, support range etc. These should be fixed for a manager and unchangeable.

But the formation should be in control of the player.

So mid match changes could be done only be changing formation or players or defence line.

e.g Guardiola would have high line with frontline pressure,short support range, max width and possession style etc.

While klopp would have high line, frontline pressure, long support range, possession style.

I highly doubt they will add it since it will be daunting for new users.

They could add a trending list though so new users can see what tactics and players are popular in the game and copy those to begin with.


I hope they make a special button combination, for the manager to start beating up referee – that would be a killer feature


I’m hoping that team chemistry gets better as you play more and more with the same manager.

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