eFootball 2024 v3.0.0 Carryover: Everything Explained

Details about V3/0.0 carryover details

eFootball 2024 is coming! Are you prepared? Well, let’s get you ready. Konami will soon carry out an eFootball 2024 V3.0.0 Carryover. In case you don’t know what this is, eFootball 2024 V3.0.0 Carryover Players is like a system update that lets you keep some of your favorite players, coins, managers, and other in-game elements from the previous season. Carryover happens due to maintenance. And in August, the V3.0.0 carryover process will occur. However, before this happens, it’s essential to clarify and amplify what you need to know to prevent you from losing some of (if not all) your favorite players and managers. Let’s demystify the process together.

eFootball 2024 V3.0.0 Carryover: Who Makes the Cut?

Players that will be carried over are mark, players that will not are crossed in eFootball™ 2024 v3.0.0 Carryover

To check which players will be carried over, head over to your “My Team” and click on “Players”. Then, sort your squad by order of signing, you’ll notice some players have an “X” beside their names, while others have a tick or a contract duration. Players with a tick or a contract will carry over, but those with an “X” won’t. For example, comparing Inzaghi and Vieira, Inzaghi has zero contract days left, while Vieira has 25 days. Vieira will carry over, but Inzaghi won’t.

Another way to determine which players and managers will carry over to version 3.0.0 is to visit the “Eligibility Carryover” page. Choose the specific page for the player or manager you want to search for in your teambelow but

Meanwhile, keep in mind that any player or manager signed after the July 13th, 2023 Live Update will be included.

Understanding Player Versions

Each player might have multiple versions, especially as the game updates. In V3.0, only certain versions of players will carry over. For instance, if we take a look at Patrick Vieira, there are five versions of him in the latest eFootball database, but only two – the Epic Arsenal and the Legendary France versions – will be carried over. The rest won’t make the cut.

Affiliated Teams and Carryover

The carryover system also considers players moving between clubs. Let’s take the example of C. Nkunku, who moved from Leipzig to Chelsea. His standard version won’t be carried over, but the Highlight French pack version will be. When the V3.0 update happens, there will be a new Nkunku card for Chelsea, and if you already have the Highlight French pack version, it will carry over.

Spelling Matters: Finding Your Players

Be careful with spelling when searching for players. Use the exact name with special characters, if any, to ensure accurate results. For instance, searching for “Makelele” won’t yield any results, but “Makélélé” will show the player. Similar rules apply to players like Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo, so use the correct spelling to find their versions that will carry over.

What Will eFootball 2024 Carry Over?

  • eFootball™ Coins
  • eFootball™ Points
  • GP
  • Base Team (if it is still available)
  • Nominating Contracts
  • Chance Deals
  • Contract Renewals (60 Days)
  • Contract Renewals (10 Days)
  • Training Programs
  • Skill Training Programs
  • Special Strips
  • Standard Player Tickets
  • Completed and ongoing Objectives (except for Team Playstyle Level Objectives)
  • Avatar (if it is still available)
  • Settings (Username, Country/Region, Date of Birth, Login Bonus)

What will happen to my players?

  • Players you signed after the July 2023 Live Update will carry over.
  • Players you signed before the July 2023 Live Update will be eligible for carryover if they are listed on the “Player Cards Eligible for Carryover” page.
  • Players who are not eligible for carryover will be converted to GP, Level Training Programs, and Skill Training Programs.

What will happen to my managers?

  • Managers you signed after the July 2023 Live Update will carry over.
  • Managers you signed before the July 2023 Live Update will be eligible for carryover if they are listed on the “Managers Eligible for Carryover” page.
  • Managers who are not eligible for carryover will be converted to GP.

What about inactive saved data?

  • Inactive save data may be deleted in accordance with the eFootball Terms of Use.

Final Words On eFootball 2024 v3.0.0 Carryover

If you notice any player or manager not included in the “Player Cards Eligible for Carryover” and “Managers Eligible for Carryover” pages, they will no longer be available for sign-up after the announcement. Your Game Plans, unclaimed Inbox items, unused Nominating Contracts, players’ remaining contract duration, unused Contract Renewals, Training Programs, and Skill Training Programs will remain the same in eFootball 2024 v3.0.0. Additionally, there will be no changes to the game controls for now.

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