eFootball 2024 Tactics Handbook: Quick Counters, Long Ball Strategies, and Possession Play Guide

eFootball 2024 Long Ball counter and Quick Counter style

If you are looking for the meta or want to try something different on the latest eFootball, these setups can help take your game to the next level if practiced. And if you don’t know what meta is in eFootball, META means ‘Most effective tactic available’.

In this guide, we will discuss the top formations and instructions for quick counter, long ball counter, and possession game tactics in eFootball 2024

Quick Counter Formation and Tactics

4-2-1-3 quick counter formation on eFootball 2024

The 4-2-1-3 formation is a great base for quick counter tactics. You will attack with three forwards and defend with six or seven players while always being ready to launch counters with your two central attacking players. 

Most experienced players use this very defensive system to make opponents’ gameplay difficult. If practiced with for years for years, one can truly master the meta.

There are quite a number of 4-2-1-3 variations for a quick counter in eFootball. On the best, you must have a creative playmaker like Maradona linking up centrally with the front three. Place him as an AMF on the attack to fill gaps. Then use three nimble, pacey goal scorers as your front three. Note that only players with high acceleration, balance, and offensive awareness will serve you best here.

Apply “Defense” instructions on your fullbacks and defensive midfielder. Also, apply “Counter Target” as this works well on strikers e.g. Mbappe. This setup allows for quick transitions of the ball from defense to offense. Most goals will result from cutback passes or through balls from your midfield to strikers.

Long Ball Counter Formation and Tactics

4-2-1-3 long ball counter formation on eFootball 2024

The 4-2-1-3 formation is also effective for long ball counters but with a slight gameplay. Here, the forward transition is safer with fewer committed defending players. You can defend with four comfortably instead of six or seven.

Apply “Defense” on your fullback and midfield such as a destroyer like Patrick Vieira. Also, “Counter Target” works well for the two strikers. So, use a skillful creative playmaker like Kaka or Johan Cruyff at AMF who can link midfield and attack. For striker, choose a well-rounded CF like Drogba capable of both hold up play and finishing.

This allows for safer builds from the back while still launching quick counters. You also get more freedom than the pure quick counter due to less commitment from the defending players.

Possession Formation and Tactics

4-2-1-3 possession formation on eFootball 2024

For possession-based tactics, the 4-2-1-3 is shaped like a 4-1-2-1-2. You’ll need three forwards, two attacking midfielders, and at least one attacking fullback.

Apply “Defense” on a midfield anchor like Gilberto Silva to secure your defense.

Select players with good passing and movement who can combine well in tight spaces. Players like Neymar, Kaka, and Messi fit this role perfectly. Having at least 70% possession should be your aim by playing patient, possession-based football in the opposition half.

3-2-3-2-Possession-Formation on eFootball 2024

Another solid option is the 3-2-3-2. Use a mix of creative playmakers and wingers with good passing and dribbling. Apply “Defense” on fullbacks and use two strong defensive midfielders like Casemiro in a double pivot to control midfield. Build patiently from the back through the thirds.

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