eFootball 2024 Captains: Best Players You Should Nominate Contract For

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In this article, we’ll dive into the details of nominating contracts for eFootball 2024 captains and help you make the right choices. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, you definitely will learn two or more.

Nominating Contracts and Validity

Before we delve into the eFootball 2024 captains, let’s talk about nominating contracts and their validity.

A nominating contract is a special type of contract that allows you to sign a player from a pre-determined list which are usually based on players’ real-world performances, feature in leagues, or special event on eFootball.

The validity of each nominating contract is 60 days, starting from when the contract card was added to your inbox on eFootball.

The date of validity is crucial; if it’s still active, you can use the card. So whenever you see a nominated contract, keep an eye on these dates, as they determine when you can spin for new captains.

Remember, you can also earn a free nominating contract by playing 15 games on the free Match Pass.

Experienced Players for Captain: Top Picks

For those with more experience and a well-rounded squad, consider these top-picked eFootball 2024 captains for your dream squad:


Danilo is a top player with incredible stats. He excels as a center-back or right-back and offers a high level of versatility. His improved aggression makes him a standout choice to captain a team.


Nacho is another strong option, similar to Danilo in terms of speed and power. However, he has fewer levels to train.

Mikael Oyarzabal

Oyarzabal shines as an attacking midfielder or center midfielder. With excellent possession, acceleration, and balance, he’s a creative playmaker worth having in your squad.

Lautaro Martinez

If you need a running center forward captain, Lautaro Martinez fits that post. He consistently has an unwavering form, gamesmanship, and impressive shooting abilities.

Newcomers Players for Captain: Top Picks

If you’re new to the game and have a basic squad without any carryover players, these eFootball 2024 captains could be valuable additions:

Reece James

Reece James is a standout right back with high speed, acceleration, and good defense. He’s a monster on the field and a great upgrade if you lack a solid right-back.

Samba (Goalkeeper)

While not the best goalkeeper, B. Samba is a decent option if you desperately need one to captain your team to glory. Remember, this recommendation is for newcomers.

Other Considerations

Other players like Sergi Roberto, Geertruida, and Bergwijn could also be considered, depending on your team’s needs. However, their suitability varies.

Again, if you’re new to the eFootball 2024 game, Reece, Samba, and other considerations might suit your needs.

For experienced players looking for the best eFootball 2024 captains to buy, Danilo, Nacho, Mikael Oyarzabal, and Lautaro Martinez are top choices. Keep in mind that personal preferences play a role in decision making, so choose wisely.

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