Best eFootball 2024 Goalkeepers (GKs); Plus Tips on How to Buy The Best for Your Team

eFootball 2024 Goalkeepers with the highest overall ratings

As an eFootball player, choosing the right goalkeeper (GK) is crucial for your team’s success. Even with a limited budget, you still need to find at least one of the best eFootball 2024 goalkeepers that will help your team concede less.

We have created this guide which lists all the best eFootball 2024 goalkeepers you can purchase and use irrespective of your budget.

Here are the all best eFootball 2024 goalkeepers or GKs and their GP costs:

Dubravka — 120k GP

eFootball 2024 Goalkeeper Dubravka

Dubravka costs only 120k GP. At 190 cm, his height covers the goal well. His solid reflexes (78) and overall rating of 76 make up for his price. In eFootball 2024, he is attributed as an attacking goalkeeper.

Rulli — 34k GP

eFootball 2024 Goalkeeper Rulli

Rulli is just 34k GP with an 189 cm in height. He has reflexes at 76 and a GK reach of 74

Martinez — 76k GP

eFootball 2024 Goalkeeper Marrtinez

During the last World Cup, Martinez saved many unbelievable shots and grew to become a fan favorite. With just 76k GP, you can get the 195 cm tall man. He is very strong at catching (78) and Gk reach (77).

Y. Sommer — 120k GP

eFootball 2024 Goalkeeper Sommer

Sommer costs approximately 120k GP. At 183 cm, his height doesn’t cover the goal well. And as such, his reflexes (83) and jumping (83) make up for his price. He is naturally a defensive goalkeeper.

G. Donnarumma — 170k GP

eFootball 2024 Goalkeeper Donnarumma

G. Donnarumma is the third top GK among all the best eFootball 2024 goalkeepers.

He is 196 cm tall. His reflexes are at 79 and Gk reach is at 76. He cost only 170k GP price.

M. ter Stegen — 180k GP

eFootball 2024 Goalkeeper M. ter Stegen

At 187 cm, M. ter Stegen makes use of height with shot-stopping. 180k GP gets you this goal-saving machine with 82 reflexes and 79 GK Awareness.

M. ter Stegen is the second top GK among all the best eFootball 2024 goalkeepers.

Courtois — 300k GP

eFootball 2024 Goalkeeper Courtois

Courtois is the best pound-for-pound GK in eFootball 2024.

In other words, Courtois is the number one top GK among all the best eFootball 2024 goalkeepers.

At 199 cm, his reflexes at 79 and Gk parry at 82 make him worthy of his 300k GP price.

In eFootball, GK parry means the act of a goalkeeper deflecting the ball away when a shot or heading is made toward the goal.

What To Consider When Buying a Budget GK

When selecting a goalkeeper on a budget in eFootball 2024, focus on their height, stats, and cost.


Taller GKs above 190 cm can cover more of the goal without great jumping reach. Shorter keepers need higher jumping and reach ratings to compensate.


Look out for reflexes, low punts, and long throw stats. Reflexes boost shot-stopping. Low punts and long throws help counterattacks.


Evaluate cost vs. quality. Some goalkeepers provide excellent value despite prices due to well-rounded attributes.

Key Takeaways

  • Taller GKs above 190 cm don’t need high jumping reach. Shorter keepers need jumping boosts.
  • When looking to buy a GK, prioritize players with high reflexes. Player skills such as low punts, and long throws. Consider height and cost as other critical factors too.
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