eFootball 2024 Ronaldinho Gaucho Skills Guide

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Have you been wanting to play eFootball 2024 Ronaldinho Gaucho like the Brazilian legend played football in real life?

Or do you just want to dribble with fancy tricks like the Samba King?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, we’ve written this guide to teach you how to perform all skills in eFootball 2024 as Ronaldinho did with Grêmio, AC Milan, Barcelona, and PSG in real life.

eFootball 2024 Ronaldinho Gaucho Signature Skills

Just incase or if you are not able to get one or two signature skills right reading this guide, we included this video.

The video tutorial demonstrates all the signature skills that can be performed by eFootball 2024 Ronaldinho Gaucho.

Dance Fake Shot

The first move to learn is Ronaldinho’s dance fake shot. This move requires him to be standing and close to the ball. Simply power up the shot meter (using your shooting button) and quickly follow it up with a pass button to cancel the shot. This will trigger a special dance animation.

Key combination: Square +  X

Flip Flap

special flip flap skills of Ronaldinho Gaucho in eFootball

Ronaldinho’s reverse flip flap is also known as “snake bite”. The traditional flip flap, which Ronaldinho popularized during his Barcelona days involves holding the right stick down and moving the left stick in the opposite direction. This is not the most practiced move online, but it’s a great way to impress while playing against your friends or when you just want to show off when you’re ahead in a match.

Key combination: Hold R3   + L Stick ↘ (Flip Flip)

Key combination: Hold R3 ↑  + L Stick ↘ (Reverse Flip Flip)

Special Double Touch

This is also known as the “special double touch,”. This entails Ronaldinho’s ball roll dribbling, the double touch, the flip flap, and the soul control. It is a normal double touch with a special touch due to Ronaldinho’s abilities.

Key combination: Hold R3   + L Stick →

R10 Flick

The R10 Flick is like a sombero. It involves holding the left stick back and then double-tapping the right stick button. Precise timing and maneuverability matters here.

Key combination: Hold R3   + Double Press R3

Back Dribble

This is also known as the back stall or back press. Just like the Sombrero flick with the R10 flick, you can perform this move by moving or flicking the R3 button, then moving the left stick in any desired direction, and pressing R3 again simultaneously.

Key combination: R3 + L Stick ↘ + R3

Chest Stall

The chest dribble requires some practice in trainer mode. For successful execution, it is important to be in the right position, free from tackle. When you are, flick the ball up using the R3 button and as the ball lands on your chest, flick L stick forward, and hold the R3 again to keep the air dribble going.

Key combination: R3 + L Stick → + R3

Apart from all these signature skills, eFootball 2024 Ronaldinho Gaucho can still perform other moves like roulettes, stop and goals, and drag-backs.

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