eFootball 2024 Seasonal Update To Bring License Changes, New Mode, and More

Lionel Messi stars as cover icon in eFootball 2024

Several leaks have been made by Durandil PES regarding eFootball 2024 updates, which include club license changes, new cups, and a new mode called ‘My League’.

According to the official eFootball Twitter account, eFootball 2024 will launch on September 7, 2023, and it revolves around the theme “Improved play control liberty for chance creation”, allowing players to experience even more advanced gameplay.

However, as previously announced in June, Durandil PES confirms the return of 5 fiction stadiums and the Ajax Amsterdam Arena in eFootball 2024.

Furthermore, several licensed league props, such as player pitch entrances and trophy presentation cutscenes, have been incorporated in leagues such as Ligue 1, SuperLig, Brazilian D1, and J-League on the eFootball 2024 mobile version.

However, it’s worth noting that in eFootball 2024, the Belgian league no longer holds official licensing rights. Consequently, all teams in the game from this league will no longer feature real names, logos, or kits. Nevertheless, the players’ licenses remain intact.

A notable addition to eFootball 2024 is the introduction of a “My League” mode.

According to Durandil PES, the outcomes achieved in your “My League” mode in eFootball 2024 can yield “boosters” to enhance the abilities of your players.

It is also important to know the “Trial Mode” in eFootball 2024’s mobile version allows selection only from licensed teams, including nations, rather than featuring all teams.

Additionally, Durandil mentioned the inclusion of some “master league final chapter” animation files in eFootball 2024.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that eFootball 2024 introduces several fiction cups. However, it’s important to know that certain prestigious cups like the Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, and Copa Libertadores remain unmodeled, despite the existence of the necessary files.

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