eFootball 2024: Konami To Change Brazilian Club Names

Corinthians-fc-and-flamengo logo

Konami has announced an update is coming to eFootball 2024 which will deliver changes to several Brazilian league club names, emblems, and strips

The Brazilian league clubs set to undergo these transformations include SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, SC Internacional, São Paulo F.C., and CR Vasco da Gama.

The eFootball 2024 game update will replace existing data, adding new data for a unique gameplay experience.

Players who’ve already established connections with specific players or managers can be rest assured that their identities such as names and image data will remain untouched.

“If you have already signed the concerned players or managers, their names and image data will not be changed. However, you will see changes made to their club emblem data”

Konami stated on its website.

While anticipation builds for the release of eFootball 2024, Konami assures eFootball gamers the company is committed to innovation, while encouraging fans to “continue enjoying eFootball™”

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