Fm24 Early Access Is Out, Here Is How To Get the Game Now

Football Manager 2024 Mobile version

The early access version of Football Manager 2024 (FM24) is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store and if you’d like to purchase FM24 early access version on Steam or EPIC Games, all you have to do is quit Steam and Epic Games Launcher and you’ll see FM24 available on the home screen of the store.

If that doesn’t work, you can better search the “Football Manager 2024” in either of the store or better still, follow this links; FM24 on Steam and FM24 on EPIC Games.

FM24 early access costs $53.99 on Steam Store while only costing $35.99 on Epic Games.

Football Manager 2024 is set to be fully released on November 6th, 2023.

It is important for fans to know that the FM24 Early Access version is not the full game as some information is awaiting approval by rights holders, some data does not accurately reflect real-world data, and users may encounter some bugs and glitches.

As such, users who encounter issues in the FM24 early access game, can use the Report Bug button located at in the game (in-game sidebar) or perhaps slide into FM community forums and log complaints.

A couple of key features making their debut in this 20th and most complete edition of Football Manager are Set Piece Coaches and the Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J.1 and J.2 leagues, as well as the Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J.3 league.

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