Best FM24 Free Agents

Free Agent Fabio Quagliarella in Football Manager 2024

FM24 free agents are players without a contract or a football club.

Many Football Manager managers do know that quite a few FM24 free agents can be of great help to their teams, based on what has been discovered in previous Football Manager series.

This is because FM24 free agents or even the very best FM24 free agents are zero-cost and quite a few of them have high ratings, so you can get high-quality players completely for free. That’s a gold mine!

And so, today, we share over 20 best FM24 Free agents you can pick up when you start out.

It doesn’t matter if you are managing a low-level mid-table Premier League team or a lower-division side, there’s something here for everyone.

The following are the best FM24 free agents you can sign.

Nikola Jovic

The 20-year-old Nikola Jovic is a Serbian talent who can play on the left side and even has international caps. He spent most of his career at Partizan but is now available as a free agent. While he might not be the next Messi, Jovic is a promising player who could easily fit into a Championship team and potentially make it to the Premier League with a bit of development. With solid attributes across the board, he’s an excellent free transfer.

Amin Younes

Amin Younes is a German international who has experience in various European leagues. He still possesses excellent dribbling ability, acceleration, agility, and pace. With a Technique of 16 and First Touch of 15, he can be a great asset for a team facing relegation in the Premier League or a strong Championship contender. While some free agents may demand higher wages, Younes is well worth the investment.

Fabio Quagliarella

Free Agent Fabio Quagliarella in Football Manager 2024

40-year-old Fabio Quagliarella is an Italian legend with international appearances and goals. While his physical attributes have declined, he still retains his finishing ability, first touch, penalties, and passing. He might not be a full-time starter, but as a poacher or deep-lying forward, Quagliarella can deliver 10-15 goals a season. If you’re looking for a short-term solution, he’s your man.

Fabio Quagliarella is the best FM24 free agent.

Helder Costa

Helder Costa is a 29-year-old Angolan who has pace, acceleration, and agility. He can be a nightmare for defenders. His dribbling, technique, and acceleration make him a great choice for getting past full-backs. Plus, he can play on either the left or right side, making him a versatile squad depth option.

Yaya Banana

Yaya Banana is a 31-year-old Cameroonian center-back who may have lost some pace but retains strength, heading ability, marking, tackling, and positioning. He’s your no-nonsense center-back, perfect for lower-division teams.

Shkodran Mustafi

Remember Shkodran Mustafi from his time at Arsenal? The German international is now a free agent after playing for Schalke and Levante. He can still be a valuable squad option, particularly for a relegation-threatened team in the German division. With strength, good physical attributes, mental strength, and solid technical skills, he’s a quality free transfer.

Brian Fernandez

The 28-year-old Brian Fernandez is an Argentine forward who spent most of his career in Argentina and Mexico. Fernandez is a Premier League quality striker with outstanding technical attributes. He possesses high finishing, first touch, dribbling, passing, technique, and vision, and all this makes him a top choice as a free agent. While he might not be a guaranteed starter, he offers tremendous talent and costs nothing.

Yann M’Vila

The 33-year-old former French international Yann M’Vila is an adaptable player who can play as a center back, central midfielder, or, most effectively, as a defensive midfielder. He’s a valuable asset for low-level teams, bringing excellent teamwork, work rate, passing ability, technique, and strong mental attributes. While his acceleration and pace have declined, they’re still decent.


Xeka is a 28-year-old Portuguese midfielder with experience at French clubs Lille and Rennes. He’s known for his well-rounded skills, and this makes him a great option in various roles, such as a deep-lying playmaker or advanced playmaker. With good passing, vision, technique, and work rate, he can add depth to your squad and serve as a creative force.

David De Gea

Free Agent David de Gea in Football Manager 2024

Despite the criticism David De Gea faced in real life, he remains a top-tier option in FM24. Currently, he is available as a free agent in FM24 at age 32. De Gea still has three to four years left in the tank. He can provide stability and reliability in front of the goal for most clubs worldwide. If you’re in need of a goalkeeper for a high-level team, De Gea is a “perfect” choice.

Jesse Lingard

At 30, Jesse Lingard still has loads of skills after playing for various Premier League clubs and the England national team. He’s an adaptable attacker who can play as a number 10 or on the left, and he hasn’t lost his talent just yet. Lingard’s pace, acceleration, and overall skill set make him a valuable asset to any team in Division One and Two. While he may demand higher wages, he’s a talented option.

Javier Pastore

Free Agent Javier Pastore in Football Manager 2024

At age 34, Javier Pastore’s physical attributes have seriously declined. But, his technical and mental abilities have soared high and remain phenomenal. Currently, he has impressive passing, vision, and technique attributes. All this makes him a deadly playmaker for any team. You can sign and use him as an advanced playmaker or deep-lying playmaker to maximize his skills further. Again, his physical limitations are his only drawback.

Luan Silva

Luan Silva is a 24-year-old Brazilian forward and an adaptable player who can play up front in several positions. By his age, we can say for sure he still has several years of potential ahead. Silva has spent time in Brazilian clubs such as Palmeiras and Victoria, and now he has good technical ability, decent mental attributes, and physical attributes. And fortunately, Silva is not a Brazilian who will demand high wages.

Han Kwang-Song

Hanwang Song is a North Korean international striker. While he may not be a world-beater, he is a good option for a free agent. With the finishing and speed, ability he has, he can be a valuable addition to any average squad, particularly if you’re managing a lower-league team.

Dejan Tetek

Dejan Tetek spent his career at Reading and has now been released. Tetek can play as a central midfielder or defensive midfielder. He has a good work rate and natural fitness. While his technical attributes need improvement, he’s a promising player for low-level teams. Consider him if you want a free player with the potential to develop.

Jose Campana

Free Agent Jose Campana in Football Manager 2024

Jose Campana is a 30-year-old former Spanish International. After being released by Levante, he’s now available as a free agent. Campana has a skill set of 16 in first touch, passing, and technique, and a vision of 17. His composure and decision-making make him even more valuable to any team in need of a playmaker in the midfield or as a number 10. Although his physical attributes remain decent he does have a damaged cruciate ligament, which means he may need time to recover.

Alex Lopez

Alex Lopez is a 29-year-old striker with well-rounded talent suitable for lower-division teams. While he may not excel in any specific area, he’s not weak either. Managers consider him as a deep-lying forward.

Eric Lopez

Eric Lopez is a 21-year-old Paraguayan winger who spent time at Atalanta in MLS. He has pace, dribbling, technique, and a work rate to bring to the table. While his overall attributes are not extraordinary, he can be a valuable asset to a Championship or League One team.

Diego Perotti

Free Agent Diego Perotti in Football Manager 2024

Diego Perotti is a former Argentine international who is 34 years old and has declining physical attributes. However, his technical and mental attributes are still high. He can play as an inverted winger, an advanced playmaker, or anywhere on the left side. If you need a top winger with excellent skills and set-piece abilities, Perti is your man.

Christian Pyagbara

Christian Pyagbara is a former Nigerian international who has a balanced skill set. While his physical attributes aren’t impressive, he has decent technical and mental attributes. He can be a useful addition to lower-division teams or a squad player to develop.

Aaron Barquett

Aaron Barquett is a 24-year-old fullback released by his club in Argentina. He has a decent mix of physical attributes and has a bit of potential for growth. If you manage a lower-division team and need a young fullback, Barquett could be a valuable addition.

And there you have it—over 20 FM24 free agents to consider in your FM24 journey.

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