EA Sports Will Not Input VAR into FC 24

Haaland celebrating and VAR displaying no goal decision

As the clock counts down, fans are already wondering if Electronic Arts Sports will include Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in FC 24, but according to recent reports FC 24 will not have the VAR feature.

What Exactly is VAR?

VAR stands for Video Assistant Referee. It’s a technology that intervenes during matches to provide a more informed perspective on key decisions in a football match. If a match official is faced with an unclear or difficult to decide situations, VAR steps in to review the situation and correct any potential mistakes. VAR is commonly used for penalty decisions and offsides that could impact goal-scoring opportunities in football.

VAR Will Not Make It Into FC 24

In the real football world, VAR has become a pivotal element, affecting the outcomes of matches and sparking heated debates. The question now is, can VAR seamlessly be implemented into the football gaming realm, precisely FC 24?

Well, despite the fact that FC 24 saw a lot of features, such as PlayStyles, Hypermotion V, a new Referee Camera, and upgrades to the Unreal Engine, VAR won’t be among these list of features yet according to EA Sports FC 24 News report. There’s still hope for the future, as EA hasn’t ruled out the possibility of introducing VAR in subsequent updates or yearly releases, particularly in Career Mode.

Potential of VAR In FC game

The integration of VAR in the EA Sports FC series could bring many benefits and a better gaming experience for gamers. VAR in FC will definitely make players be able to appeal right on the pitch, plus get equal and fair play judgement without (much) lapses since the VAR officials scrutinize every bit of a situation or controversy on the pitch. Additionally, the implementation of VAR in FC 24 could add a layer of strategic complexity to the game, and it will increase the level of difficulty but ultimately result in a more satisfying gaming experience.

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