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As with every year, many new features and adjustments are added to the latest FIFA game series. Since EA Sport parted ways with FIFA, they’ve introduced FC 24 to the world’s game audience. And just like the previous series, FC 24 hosts a lot of new features and developments. Here are fifteen things that have a high chance you don’t know about FC 24 Gameplay!

  1. EA SPORTS FC 24 contains 19,000+ fully licensed players [ea.com].
  2. There are over 700+ male and female teams from around the world in EA SPORTS FC 24 [ea.com].
  3. There are 115 authentic stadiums in EA SPORTS FC 24, from Anfield to the Santiago Bernabéu, the Allianz Stadium to the Parc des Princes and even more [ea.com].
  4. There are over 30 leagues across world football in EA SPORTS FC 24 [ea.com].
  5. HyperMotionV is a key technology used to develop the EA Sports FC™ 24 game. The “V” in HyperMotionV stands for Volumetric Capture Technology.
  6. HyperMotionV was used in the FC 24 to capture motion directly from real players in top competitions and then incorporated into the game.
  7. Manchester City Erling Haaland’s kung-fu goal against Dortmund in the Champions League has been replicated in the EA Sports FC™ 24 game using HyperMotionV and can be used by any player around the world.
  8. EA Sports FC™ 24 features hundreds of new animations, making gameplay more authentic than ever.
  9. The animations in FC 24 include world-class actions from top players and can be performed by only top players in the game.
  10. There are newly in-built cameras all around stadiums for better capturing of player motion in EA Sports FC™ 24.
  11. EA Sports FC™ 24 game includes over 1200 signature run styles.
  12. With HyperMotionV, each player’s running style is unique and authentic.
  13. The introduction of HyperMotionV in FC 24 also enhanced lengthy (a type of speed), making players’ running movements more realistic.
  14. There are new two types of Play Styles in EA Sports FC™ 24. They are Play Styles and Play Style +.
  15. Play Styles represent players’ tendencies and signature abilities beyond just ratings while Play Style + offers unique boosts to these players’ special abilities.
  16. The Play Styles functions in all game modes, including Clubs and Ultimate Team™.
  17. There are 34 brand new Play Styles in FC 24, covering various aspects of the EA Sports FC™ 24 game. Some notable Play Styles are Trickster, Whipped Cross, Block, Bruiser, etc.
  18. EA Sports accessed real-world football data from Opta and used them to upgrade some special moves on EA Sports FC™ 24. For instance, they powered the power shots to ensure authenticity.
  19. The latest revolutionalized Frostbite engine in EA Sports FC™ 24 makes kits or jerseys to wrap, move and dangle with better realism.

Note, these facts above are drawn from the EA FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive available on Youtube.

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