EA Sports FC 24 Soundtrack: Download Every Song for Free

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EA Sports FC 24 may not have the FIFA name anymore, but it still feels a lot like FIFA.

Every year, FIFA‘s music is a big deal for gamers, and that’s the same for EA Sports FC.

Steve Schnur, who used to work on FIFA’s music, is now doing the music for EA Sports FC.

Stream EA SPORTS FC 24 Official Soundtrack

You can stream and listen to any FC 24 song you wish to download before you choose to download the song so that you can be sure you are getting the real thing.

You can stream out the Spotify playlist of the full EA Sports FC 24 official soundtrack here or below.

Free EA SPORTS FC 24 Soundtrack Download

Listed below is the complete soundtrack download list for FC 24, and you can click on any song to download it.

  1. Download “Black Dress” by 070 Shake
  2. Download “Poster Boy” by 2hollis
  3. Download “Avviso” by Ariete
  4. Download “Worms” by Ashnikko
  5. Download “Rasen In Okinawa” by Awich
  6. Download “The Hillbillies” by Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar
  7. Download “1, 2 & Mer” by Baby Mala
  8. Download “We Can Be Anything” by Baby Queen
  9. Download “Always Get Through To You” by Barry Can’t Swim ft. Surya Sen
  10. Download Passport Bros” by Bas ft. J. Cole
  11. Download “Superstar” by Belters Only & Micky Modelle ft. Simone Denny
  12. Download “EZ 4 Me” by Bianca Oblivion, Eliza Legzdina
  13. Download “Cracked Screen” by Blackwave., Lute
  14. Download “That Girl” by Bree Runway
  15. Download “6am” by Channel Tres
  16. Download “I Can’t Stay” by Charlie Brix ft. DRS & Visages
  17. Download “My Way” by Charlotte Devaney
  18. Download “Shame” by Dahi & Elmiene
  19. Download “A Stranger” by DameDame
  20. Download “Dreaming Of You” by Disrupta
  21. Download “Why You Waiting” by Doktor ft. Serum & Agent Sasco
  22. Download “Catalyst” by Droeloe, Imanu
  23. Download “Waiting To Go” by DRS, Duskee & Disrupta
  24. Download “Formula” by Dumb Buoys Fishing Club ft. Joe Unknown and Merlin Wood
  25. Download “Stone” by Effy ft. Flowdan
  26. Download “The World’s Biggest Paving Slab” by English Teacher
  27. Download “There She Goes” by Ezekiel
  28. Download “So Clear” by Fliptrix
  29. Download “Tings My Way” by Freq Motif x Magugu
  30. Download “Flatline” by Frost Children
  31. Download “R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P. (Unglued Remix)” by Gardna
  32. Download “What Comes Will Come” by Genesis Owusu
  33. Download “The Stranger” by Gus Dapperton
  34. Download “Doolally” by Hak Baker
  35. Download “Sekkle In” by Halogenix ft. Sparkz
  36. Download “Killa” by Hava ft. Dardan
  37. Download “I Just Wanna Dance” by Higgo & mustbejohn
  38. Download “Relentless” by Hypho, Ternion Sound, Pav4n & Strategy
  39. Download “Hold On” by Ill Peach
  40. Download “Absolutely Tidy” by Illaman & Pitch 92 ftr. Pav4n
  41. Download “Haunt My Mind (Machinedrum Remix)” by Imanu & Tudor
  42. Download “They Don’t Love It” by Jack Harlow
  43. Download “Protein v2” by Jeshi ft. Obongjayar and Westside Boogie
  44. Download “Fist In The Sky” by Jords ft. Jordan Mackampa
  45. Download “Get It” by Kah-Lo
  46. Download “Vibration” by Kaleena Zanders & Shift K3y
  47. Download “The Gates Will Open” by Karma Kid
  48. Download “Bichotag” by Karol G
  49. Download “Who Else Would It Be” by KayCyy
  50. Download “Don’t Let The Devil” by Killer Mike, El-P, thankugoodsir
  51. Download “We Are The Ones” by King
  52. Download “Seaforth” by King Krule
  53. Download “Pemmican” by La Fine Equipe, Gaël Faye
  54. Download “Portrait Of A Blank Slate” by Lovejoy
  55. Download “Amnesia” by M83
  56. Download “Mamgobhozi” by Major Lazer and Major League Djz ft. Brenda Fassie
  57. Download “Pinking Shears” by Mandy, Indiana
  58. Download “Not Today” by Matata ft. Liam Bailey
  59. Download “Phone” by Meduza ft. Sam Tompkins & Em Beihold
  60. Download “Oh Ah” by Michaël Brun, Paul Beaubrun, Cimafunk
  61. Download “Follow the Cyborg” by Miss Grit
  62. Download “LaLa” by Myke Towers
  63. Download “Eurostar” by Ninho ft. Central Cee
  64. Download “Who Let Him In” by Obongjayar
  65. Download “Heavier” by Odesza & Yellow House
  66. Download “Good Lies” by Overmono
  67. Download “Lowkey” by P Money x Whiney
  68. Download “Sigo Tus Pasos” by Pahua x Barzo
  69. Download “Hostage” by Peter Xan
  70. Download “Nice 2 Me” by Piri & Tommy Villiers
  71. Download “Eyelids” by Police Car Collective
  72. Download “Powder” by Pontypool
  73. Download “O Que Se Leva” by Rod 3030
  74. Download “The Sea” by Romy
  75. Download “Fall Right In” by Roosevelt
  76. Download “Going Kokomo” by Royel Otis
  77. Download “Fuera De Vista (Trooko’s Version)” by Run The Jewels ft. Baco Exu Do Blues
  78. Download “Wait For It” by Salute
  79. Download “Assumptions (Jengi Remix)” by Sam Gellaitry
  80. Download “Better Than I?” by Shakes
  81. Download “The Hard Way” by Sid Sriram
  82. Download “MMM” by Skinny Local, Cartel Madras
  83. Download “Rumble” by Skrillex, Fred Again.., Flowdan
  84. Download “Paradox” by Slumberjack ft. The Kite String Tangle
  85. Download “Pro Freak (with Doechii, Fatman Scoop)” by Smino
  86. Download “Show Me The Money” by Snakehips & Tkay Maidza
  87. Download “Running Water” by Soo Joo, Hudson Mohawke
  88. Download “I Go Get It” by Souls Of Creation x Bobbie Johnson
  89. Download “Longevity Flow” by Stormzy
  90. Download “Kwik Wontoo” by Strategy & Footsie
  91. Download “Bored” by Swim School
  92. Download “Lonely” by The Blaze
  93. Download “Mercy” by The Blessed Madonna ft. Jacob Lusk
  94. Download “Nothing Matters” by The Last Dinner Party
  95. Download “Angry” by The Rolling Stones
  96. Download “Tommy” by Walker
  97. Download “Gan Ainm” by Whenyoung
  98. Download “I’ve Got A Bf (Best Friend)” by Willo & Niina
  99. Download “Complicated” by Winston Surfshirt ft. Young Franco
  100. Download “Yaeji” by For Granted
  101. Download “Eazi” by Young Eman
  102. Download “One Of Those Days (With 347aidan)” by Zack Bia ft. Lil Yachty
  103. Download “Osama (Bruno Be, Ralk Rework Edit)” by Zakes Bantwini ft. Kasango