eFootball 2024 V3.2 Update – COOP Events, New Mode, GP Contracts, and More!

ter Stegen jumps to catch the ball in eFootball 2024

Konami has finally shared the news that the next eFootball update, eFootball 2024 V3.2 update, will be coming in December.

This eFootball 2024 V3.2 update brings new many expected features to the game

At present, all events in eFootball are either solo games against the AI or 1v1 online matches.

However, Konami noted that “Co-op will be added to Events” allowing you to “casually participate on your own or team up with friends to play against other teams.”

This means that matchmaking will pair single players with teammates to form 2v2 or 3v3 squads and face-off versus other co-op teams.

As a result, players will no longer need a full friend list to enjoy co-op gameplay within events.

The December update will also introduce GP to extend player contracts.

Moreso, every player will now have the choice to force one unskippable celebration cutscene per match.

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