How To Change Your Base Team on eFootball 2024 (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation)

how to change to any club as your base team in eFootball 2024 on PC, Xbox, and PS

If you’re playing the new eFootball 2024 on your personal computer, Xbox or PlayStation (4 or 5), switching to a different base team won’t affect the strength of your team. However, it will change your team logo, as well as the home and away kits. It’s important to note that designing your own kit is not allowed in eFootball due to the possibility of offensive designs.

If you’ve made your mind to change your base team to any available team on eFootball 2024, that’s very fine by Konami.

First, you need to find a team with a kit you like. Many players choose a less well-known club to make their team unique.

Once you have decided on a team, you need to learn how to change your base team. Here are the steps you need to follow to change your base team in eFootball 2024 on PC, Xbox or PS:

Total Time: 1 minute

Open eFootball 2024

Open eFootball 2024 Mobile after installing the game on your device.

Tap Game Plan

On the main screen, tap on “Game Plan.”

Click on Team

Look for an option named “Team” on the screen that shows your players’ formation, and tap on it.

Select Base Team Settings

Select “Base Team Settings” from the six options that appear.

Select a Continent

You will see five different continents to choose from. Pick the one you want your base team to come from.

Select a League

You will then be shown numerous leagues. Choose the one you want your base team to come from, such as EPL.

Select a Team

Based on the league you choose, select any club under that league to become your new base team.

Go Back to Game Plan

Go back to the screen of your “Game Plan.” This will activate the new base team change you made. The whole process should take around one minute.

If you play eFootball 2024 on your mobile device, say Android or iOS, then you can read about how to change your base team in eFootball 2024 mobile.

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