How to Configure Keyboard Settings in eFootball 2024 for Steam/Cracked Version

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If you’re playing eFootball 2024 on Steam or the cracked version on a computer, you need to customize your eFootball 2024 keyboard controls configurations.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to eFootball 2024 keyboard controls to play the game are below.

Open Steam Application

  • Launch the Steam application on your computer.
  • Once the Steam application is open, navigate to the “Library” section, typically found in the top left corner of the Steam interface.

Locate Installed Games

eFootball 2024 folder directory on steam
  • On the left side of the Library section, you will see a list of games that you have installed through Steam.

Access eFootball 2024

  • Locate “eFootball 2024” in your game list and click on it.

Manage the Game

  • After clicking on eFootball 2024, choose the “Manage” option.

Browse Local Files

  • Select “Browse Local Files” from the menu.
Local files directory of eFootball 2024 from Steam
  • Within the game’s local files, you will find a blue icon named “Settings.” Click on this icon.

Note for Cracked Version Users:

  • If you are using a cracked version of eFootball 2024, you will need to manually access the game folder on your local disk and look for an icon named “Setting.”

Configure Button Settings

eFootball 2024 Button Configuration Settings
  • Now, let’s configure the button settings as per your preferences. Here are the recommended button configurations:
    • RT (Right Trigger) – Shift
    • RB (Right Bumper) – E
    • Y – I
    • X – J
    • J – K
    • A – L
    • K – M
    • B – L
    • Upward RS (Right Stick) – Up
    • Leftside RS (Right Stick) – Left
    • Downward RS (Right Stick) – Down
    • Rightside RS (Right Stick) – Right
    • LT (Left Trigger) – N
    • LB (Left Bumper) – Q
    • Up – 1
    • Left – 2
    • Down – 3
    • Right – 4
    • Upward LS (Left Stick) – W
    • Leftside LS (Left Stick) – A
    • Downward LS (Left Stick) – S
    • Rightside LS (Left Stick) – D
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