Best eFootball 2024 Center Backs (CBs)

Center Back Van Dijk, De Ligt, Rudiger, and Marquinhos in eFootball 2024

Have you been wanting to improve your eFootball 2024 team’s defense? Well, you need to start looking for the best eFootball 2024 center backs or CBs to purchase. That’s where you hit the golden opportunity man up your defense like the brick walls of Jericho!

And If you still don’t know how to search and buy the best center backs (CBs) in eFootball 2024. Here are the top CBs any optimistic player needs to have in their squad.

Below are all the best eFootball 2024 center backs.

F. Rasmussen

Center back F. Rasmussen in eFootball 2024

If you’re looking for a quality CB on a budget, F. Rasmussen is a hidden gem. F. Rasmussen has an overall of 72 and a special defending ability known as “Build Up”.

Rasmussen has nearly all the key defensive player skills you need at a fraction of the cost of other top defenders. So you should add him to your squad early even if you are just building up GP because he cost only 14,000 GP. 


Center back Østigård in eFootball 2024

Østigård is another hidden gem CB, thanks to his stellar player skills. Østigård has an overall of 74 and a special defending ability known as “The Destroyer”.

Østigård cost just 20,000 GP. He has nearly every defensive skill you could want plus a good baseline aggression. While he lacks pace, his other defensive skills make up for him.

J. Timber

Center back J. Timber in eFootball 2024

J. Timber needs no introduction for experienced eFootball players. J. Timber has an overall of 77 and a special defending ability known as “Extra Frontman”. He cost approximately 70,000 GP.

Timber well-rounded stats make him a versatile defensive beast. He is comfortable on the ground or in the air. He is a typical animal you should consider strongly in your defense.


Center back Rudiger in eFootball 2024

Rudiger is a CB with an overall of 80 and a special defending ability known as “The Destroyer”. These player skills make him a beast in the defense.

Even though Rudiger may not be as highly rated as other top CBs. Spending 120,000 GP on Rudiger will eventually be one of the best choices you made in eFootball 2024.


Center back Koundé in eFootball 2024

Koundé is arguably one of the best CBs in eFootball 2024.

Koundé has an overall of 82 and a special defending ability known as “Build Up”. He cost 180,000 GP.

Koundé is a better version of Timber. His only downside is the fact that he may be better suited at RB instead of CB. Nonetheless, if you can get him, Koundé will be an excellent addition to your backline.


Center back Marquinhos in eFootball 2024

Marquinhos is simply the number three best center-back in eFootball 2024.

Marquinhos has an overall of 81 and a special defending ability known as “Build up”. He cost 180,000 GP.

With aerial superiority, defending skills, and well-rounded attributes, Marquinhos excels at everything needed in defense.

Van Dijk

Center back Van Dijk in eFootball 2024

Liverpool fans rejoice – Van Dijk is the second-best center-back in eFootball 2024.

Van Dijk has an overall of 82 and a special defending ability known as “The Destroyer”. He cost 20,000 GP. Van Dijk has many elite defensive skills and physicality to shut down opponents’ attacks.

Note: If you don’t know, Van Dijk is available via match pass on eFootball 2024.

De Ligt

Center back De Ligt in eFootball 2024
De Ligt is the best eFootball 2024 center back

De Ligt is the most expensive centerback in eFootball 2024 with a cost of 200,000 GP.

De Ligt is the best center back in eFootball 2024 because he has an overall of 82 with a special defending ability known as “Build Up”.

De Ligt has high awareness and defensive stats, making him a defensive monster. Meanwhile, you should know, that with the new slower and steady gameplay of eFootball 2024, his lack of pace can put him at a disadvantage unless you are good at tactical defending.

A solid backline gives you the foundation to build a winning squad. Consider adding one or more of these standout CBs to shore up your defense this season!

We hope this list of eFootball 2024 best center backs gives you a better sense of the top CBs available in the game.

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