How to Play Football Camp: Fusion in Top Eleven

Top Eleven Football Camp Fusion

Football Camp Fusion is an event system where you blend or merge rewards to enhance your squad. Items or rewards mergeable are young players, piles of in-game currency, and more.

In the world of Top Eleven, the Football Camp: Fusion provides daily opportunities to earn valuable rewards while you play as your club manager and lead the team.

The Camp Fusion feature is a feature introduced by Top Eleven 2024.

Let’s dive into how you can excel in Football Camp: Fusion and take your team to the next level.

Getting Started with Football Camp: Fusion

Top Eleven Football Camp Fusion menu

The main deal in Camp Fusion is the Training Centre where you’ll craft the future stars for your team.

Each time you interact with Training Centre, it generates a new item.

You can begin by selecting a Training Centre based on the player position you wish to develop, and a new item will be produced. Pick one of these items based on the player position you want to develop.

Training Centre’s Art of Merging

Top Eleven Football Camp Fusion Merging

Within the Training Centre, two types of items are produced: Players and Equipment Bags.

To merge two or more of any of these items, they must be identical.

Simply tap and drag one item over another to combine them into a single, more potent item.

For instance, as you merge player prospects, they grow more experienced and formidable.

Once they earn stars, they become available for recruitment to your club.

The same merging process applies to Equipment Bags.

When they reach their maximum level, tap on them to create new Training Centres and Currency items.

Claim Your Rewards

Top Eleven Football Camp Fusion Rewards

To claim a player or a currency pile of your choosing, drag it to the Reward panel and press the “CLAIM” button.

Keep in mind that you can make one claim per day, so make your selections wisely.

To create a new item, you’ll spend one unit of Energy.

But don’t fret; your energy bar replenishes automatically over time.

However, if you’re eager to continue merging, you can speed the process.

Manage Your Football Camp Tiles

Football Camp comprises tiles that can either hold an item or remain empty. Some tiles may be locked or concealed. To unlock them, drag an item over a locked tile.

Top Eleven Football Camp Fusion Bubbles on Tiles

When you merge two items, there’s a chance you’ll obtain an additional, higher-level item encased in a bubble. You can free the locked item using Tokens or wait until it transforms into energy, which you can then merge and claim.

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