eFootball 2024: New Features and Revamped Gameplay on All Devices

eFootball 2024

eFootball has released a detailed explanation of the revamped gameplay and new features in eFootball 2024, including “boosters”. In this eFootball 2024 v3.0.0 update, eFootball has paid close attention to fans’ feedback and made important gameplay adjustments based on them. eFootball announced that eFootball 2024 will be released on September 7th 2023, and it has now been released.

The new features and adjustments in eFootball 2024 are as follows:

Improved Play Control for Better Chance Creations

Attacking: Players now have better ball control and dribbling response, allowing for finer touches and more control during mid-air ball situations. Shooting close to the goal with a weak Power Gauge input now prioritizes quick kicks for better scoring opportunities.

Defending: Defensive improvements include more reliable ball blocking and faster clearances in specific situations.

Goalkeeping: Goalkeepers have gained new punching motions, enhancing their performance in air battles within the box.

Ball Control and Goal Awareness: Players now receive passes with a stronger awareness of the goal’s direction, leading to smoother goal-scoring actions.

New VS AI Matches with Lifelike Mentality

The AI has been redesigned to make more appropriate decisions and actions during VS AI Matches. This includes using feints, dribbling with greater intensity, and executing lofted passes to open up the pitch. Difficulty balance has also been adjusted for each Match Level.

Changes to Sharp Touch (excluding iOS and Android)

A notable change is the Sharp Touch command, which now requires pressing the Dash button twice by default. If you prefer the original method, you can switch back to the settings.

Form of Players

Players with “Standard” or “Inconsistent” Forms will now experience “Poor” or below Conditions less frequently, making them more viable options for substitutes. “Unwavering” Form remains unaffected.

New Boosters

In eFootball, boosters are in-game items that can be used to increase a player’s stats beyond the normal limit of 99. This means that you can use boosters to make your players stronger, faster, or more accurate.

This in-game element lets you express your unique playstyle. Some examples of Booster Types and the stats they enhance are shown below:

Booster TypeEnhanced Player Stats
Free-kick TakingFinishing, Set Piece Taking, Curl, Kicking Power
TechniqueBall Control, Dribbling, Tight Possession, Low Pass
AgilitySpeed, Acceleration, Balance, Stamina

Memorable Scenes and Standout Performances

With this update, you can recreate memorable moments from past matches and emphasize standout performances during the season with greater detail.

Feature Additions and Changes

Here’s a summary of new and key features available in eFootball 2024 across for all devices:

  1. Team Playstyle Level is no longer a gameplay element.
  2. Player images no longer change at Max Level.
  3. Foil Player Cards are no longer available.
  4. Condition-related changes in Player Stats are not displayed.
  5. Challenge Events with Event Conditions are now “Themed Events.”
  6. “Rainy” and “Snow” Weather options are available for certain stadiums.
  7. Base Team Settings have moved to the Game Plan.
  8. Level Training and Player Progression can be done from the Player Details screen.
  9. Updated selectable Authentic Teams in “Trial Match” and “Friend Match.”

eFootball 2024 Game Asset Updates

eFootball has updated various in-game assets and data, including team data, player photos, graphics, manager photos, strips, boots, balls, club emblems, league and competition emblems, stadium graphics, trophies, cinematics and animations, commentary, menu music, and avatar images.

Specific Improvements in Gameplay Based on Platform

The following improvements have been made on different platforms:

  • PlayStation Network™ Invite function is now available on PS5 and PS4.
  • Reduced package size for PS4.
  • Game size has been reduced and picture quality has been improved for the “High” Graphics option on iOS and Android.
  • Improved stadium announcement acoustics for all devices
  • Various minor adjustments to modes and matches across all platforms for an enhanced gaming experience for all devices

eFootball 2024 Trailer

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