eFootball 2024 Offline Mode: What’s New

eFootball 2024 Offline or Trial Match

eFootball 2024 was released on September 7, 2023, by Konami. The release of the latest eFootball series comes with different modes such as Authentic Match, Dream Team, Trial Match or Offline gameplay, and even more.

In this article, we’ll break down all that is new which makes up the eFootball 2024 offline mode gameplay such as Trial Match mode.

eFootball 2024 Offline Gameplay Leagues

The eFootball 2024 offline mode features a range of leagues from around the world, including:

European Leagues

  • Scottish Competition
  • Netherlands League
  • Premier League (partially licensed)
  • Championship (not licensed)
  • Belgian League (lost license)
  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats (fully licensed)
  • Ligue 2 (fully licensed)
  • Swiss League (fully licensed)
  • Italian Serie A (partially licensed)
  • Spanish La Liga (only Barcelona is licensed)
  • Turkish Clubs (fully licensed)
  • Portuguese Clubs (partially licensed)
  • Other clubs (Bayern Munich licensed)

South American Leagues

  • Colombian League (not licensed)
  • Brazilian League (fully licensed)
  • Chile League (partially licensed)
  • Argentine League (partially licensed)

MLS and Mexican League

  • USL Championship (not licensed)
  • American League
  • Mexican League or Liga BBVA MX – Apertura (fully licensed)

Asian Leagues

  • J1 League (fully licensed)
  • J2 League (fully licensed)
  • Thai League (fully licensed)
  • AFC Champions League (semi-licensed)
  • AFC Asian Qualifiers – Road to Qatar (semi-licensed)

National Teams

All major European national teams are included, along with the “rest of the world.”

African National Teams

All major African national teams are featured.

eFootball 2024 Offline Gameplay Elements

Now, know the new gameplay elements that were incorporated into eFootball 2024. They include:

Weather Effects

Snow and Rain Weather at old Trafford on eFootball 2024
  • Winter matches can feature rain and snow.
  • Summer matches can have snow.
  • Clear weather with options for grass length (long, normal, short).

Pitch Difficulty

  • Snow and wet pitches challenge ball control.
  • Dry pitches offer different ball movement.
  • Long or short grasses are available

AI Difficulty

  • Superstar difficulty is a real challenge.
  • Legendary difficulty is easier.
  • AI plays more like real football.

Controls and Refereeing

  • Improved sprinting control.
  • Precision passing may require practice.
  • Refereeing can be inconsistent, affecting cards and fouls.
  • Player switching can be slightly delayed.

Ball Physics and Unique Moments

The physics of the ball has been tweaked, making gameplay more challenging and realistic. Player actions can now lead to unique moments on the pitch.

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