Best eFootball 2024 Quick Counter Formations

These are the Best eFootball 2024 Quick Counter Formations you should try

The best eFootball 2024 quick counter formations help to quickly capitalize on opponents’ mistakes.

The best eFootball 2024 quick counter formations allow you to control your players quickly in these situations, particularly, when opposing players make mistakes passing or tackling.

The best eFootball 2024 quick counter formations are even more useful when you make precise passes from the midfield or defense area in a manner that leaves your players with the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, one thing you should know is that these best eFootball 2024 quick counter formations are — only or mostly — effective when you make good use of the right players and at the right time.

eFootball 2024 Quick Counter Formations

Below are all the eFootball 2024 quick counter formations.

4-3-3 Formation

4-3-3 quick counter formation in eFootball 2024
eFootball 2024 4-3-3 quick counter formation

The 4-3-3 formation is best quick counter formation in eFootball 2024 and is very effective.

The quick counter formation involves three forwards, usually very good finishers, supported by three midfielders who are very accurate at passing the ball.

These six upfield players focus always on counter-surprising the opponent — most especially when they lose the ball suddenly.

Meanwhile, the four defenders at the back only contribute to passes but not often since at the front, they are forced to seek to get a goal.

4-1-2-3 Formation

4-1-2-3 quick counter formation in eFootball 2024
eFootball 2024 4-1-2-3 quick counter formation

The 4-1-2-3 Formation is the second best quick counter formation in eFootball 2024.

While four defenders are working heavily to secure the defense in this formation, they often get supported by the defense midfielder (DMF).

But, this DMF also supports the midfield area. The DMF in this formation balances this role based on how the situation presents itself during a match.

Meanwhile, we have two AMFs in this formation too, that is, attacking midfielders.

The three forwards are provided with accurate ball distribution by these players.

AMFs are skilled with high passing accuracy and even shooting, so by the formation, you have five forwards.

3-1-4-2 Formation

3-1-4-2 quick counter formation in eFootball 2024
eFootball 2024 3-1-4-2 quick counter formation

The strength of this formation is the four midfielders in the middle of the pitch and this is why it is the third best formation for quick counter in eFootball 2024.

This means that when you use this formation in eFootball 2024, your team’s gameplay will be heavily focused on passing.

Good passing. Which also means a heavily possessive game.

The two strikers will operate more as target man who only sits and waits for the ball to come their way by virtue of the passes from the central midfielders, wing midfielders, and attacking midfielders.

You should know that this formation comes with little flaws.

And that’s because there are only three center defenders at the back.

All centers backs. In times when your opponent counters, the only additional man who naturally comes to join the defense is the DMF.

4-1-4-1 Formation

4-1-4-1 quick counter formation in eFootball 2024
eFootball 2024 4-1-4-1 quick counter formation

In this formation, there are the traditional four defenders on the backline.

And an additional defender to this number is the DMF.

Meaning, at least five man is always at the back to kick out all threats.

This leaves the midfield with four players.

You have two who hold the central midfield while the other two stay on the left and right flanks and try to drive the ball to the corner area or better still cut inside the box 18 when there is a space to counter.

Meanwhile, there is only one man designated to score in the formation.

And all he does is call the ball to his feet or head when the situation arises.

4-2-1-3 Formation

4-2-1-3 quick counter formation in eFootball 2024
eFootball 2024 4-2-1-3 quick counter formation

Unlike other formations which have four defensive players, this formation has six (technically).

So, as you can be assured your own post is heavily defended.

Meanwhile, this rubs you off the chance to have two or more men accurately distribute the ball to the three forwards.

4-2-2-2 Formation

4-2-2-2 quick counter formation in eFootball 2024
eFootball 2024 4-2-2-2 quick counter formation

This formation makes the gameplay quite even.

Two strikers are supported by two AMFs who are also backed by two DMFs.

The most beneficial thing about this formation is that you have four defenders (plus the two defensive players at the DMF position) who are more than enough to hold opposing players from making you concede.

More so, you have players, as a matter of fact, AMFs who pass to and support the two center forwards.

5-1-2-2 Formation

5-1-2-2 quick counter formation in eFootball 2024
eFootball 2024 5-1-2-2 quick counter formation

This is a defense-oriented formation that has five men lined up on the backline.

As a formation with five defenders plus one more defensive player (from the DMF position), this means the opponent will have to work X2 to find a chance to attack or even counter you.

5-3-2 Formation

eFootball 2024 5 3 2 Formation

This formation has five defenders.

The defense here is pretty secure but a peck that comes with that here is the fact that there are natural midfielders here who tend to hold and pass around the ball to teammates who can be upfield or downfield on the pitch.

Attacking will be less. Nonetheless, occasionally when situations arise, only two players are designated for forward runs and counterattacks.

5-2-2-1 Formation

eFootball 2024 5 2 2 1 Formation

This formation is defense-oriented as five men can be found in the backline.

The attacking force here is somewhat more balanced than the 5-3-2 formation.

This is because there are two AMFs here and they contribute heavily to offensive play by either passing to the lone striker or joining the striker in a counterattack.

5-2-3 Formation

This formation is defense-oriented and attack-oriented.

The defense can have many players without sacrificing the midfield or attack options, which is a good thing.

There are five players on the backline, two in the middle and three in forward positions.

Among these three forwards, two stay on the edge of the box and try to cut in to join the striker in counterattack.

Counterattacking relies heavily on these two last players in the formation.

3-4-3 Formation

eFootball 2023 3 4 3 Formation

In this formation, you have three center backs.

But the players who heavily counter-attack are the four midfielders and the three forward players.

Usually, the two players in the very middle will not be players with pace but with high passing accuracy.

So it is these players who navigate the ball forward to the rest at the striker position

3-2-3-2 Formation

eFootball 2024 3 2 3 2 Formation

This formation strikes a balance between defense and striking too.

There are approximately five defensive players who play to kick out all attacks.

Three center backs and two DMFs. Following that, we have two wing midfielders and an attacking midfielder who play to control possession and link from defending to attacking players to precisely get the ball up to the feet of the two forwards.

This midfielder and striker combination can be used to fast counterattack the opponent’s defense when the ball is collected back from the opponent.

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