eFootball 2023 Best Formations

Best formations in eFootball 2023 game

In eFootball 2023 game, there are over 15 formations. It can be really overwhelming on which to choose when you want to play and win regularly.

For this, the Gamerina Team tested and selected the top best formations in eFootball 2023 that have the structure and architecture for consistent wins.

List Of eFootball 2023 Best Formation

After we tested all formations in the eFootball 2023 game, we recommend 9 unique formations as the eFootball 2023 best formations. If you want to win continuously in eFootball 2023, we recommend you use these formations below.

  • 4-1-2-3 Formation
  • 4-4-2 Formation
  • 4-2-3-1 Formation
  • 4-3-1-2 Formation
  • 4-1-4-1 Formation
  • 5-1-2-2 Formation
  • 5-3-2 Formation
  • 3-2-3-2 Formation
  • 3-4-3 Formation
  • 3-2-4-1 Formation

Graphical Illustration of eFootball 2023 Best Formations

4-1-2-3 Formation

eFootball 2023 4-1-2-3 Formation

4-4-2 Formation

eFootball 2023 4-4-2 Formation

4-2-3-1 Formation

eFootball 2023 4-2-3-1 Formation

4-3-1-2 Formation

eFootball 2023 4-3-1-2 Formation

4-1-4-1 Formation

eFootball 2023 4-1-4-1 Formation

5-1-2-2 Formation

eFootball 2023 5-1-2-2 Formation

5-3-2 Formation

eFootball 2023 5-3-2 Formation

3-4-3 Formation

eFootball 2023 3-4-3 Formation

3-2-3-2 Formation

eFootball 2023 3-2-3-2 Formation

eFootball 2023 Best Formations And Their Recommended Playstyles

eFootball 2023 Best FormationRecommended Playstyles
4-1-2-3 Quick Counter, Possession, Out Wide
4-4-2Possession, Out Wide, Long Ball, Long Ball Counter
4-3-1-2Possession, Out Wide
4-2-3-1Possession, Out Wide, Long Ball, Quick Counter
4-1-4-1Out Wide, Long Ball, Possession
5-3-2Long Ball, Quick Counter
5-1-2-2Quick Counter, Long Ball
3-2-3-2Quick Counter, Out Wide, Long Ball
3-4-3Quick Counter, Long Ball

Top Hidden eFootball 2023 Best Formations

Which best formation in eFootball 2023?

There are top three best formation in eFootball 2023. The first best formation in efootball 2023 is balanced 4-4-2. The last two best formation in efootball 2023 are the attacking 4-3-3, and the defensive 5-3-2.

Which formation is best in eFootball?

The best formation in eFootball for possession football is 4-2-3-1. This formation is flexible and allows teams to play both possession football and attack from out wide. The two central midfielders in this formation provide strong defensive cover, while the three attacking midfielders can create chances for the striker.

What is the best long ball counter formation for eFootball 2023?

The best long ball counter formation in eFootball 2023 is 4-3-2-1. This formation is known as the “Christmas tree” formation because of the shape of the players on the pitch. The three forwards in this formation are all quick and can make runs behind the opposition defense. The two central midfielders provide support for the forwards, while the two fullbacks provide width.

Which other formation is best in PES 2023?

Other best formations in PES 2023 for possession football are:
These formations all have a strong midfield presence, which is essential for controlling possession. They also have enough width to stretch the opposition defense and create scoring opportunities.

What is the best formation for quick counter in eFootball 2023?

The best formation for quick counter in eFootball 2023 is 4-2-2-2 with 2 AMFs. The 4-2-2-2 with 2 AMFs formation works succesfully for a quick counter-attack playstyle. To get the best out of this formation, you have to build-up plays from the midfield with two midfielders, then to the 2 AMFs and lastly to your two strikers.

What is the best attacking formation in PES 2023 Mobile?

The best attacking formation in PES 2023 Mobile is 3-2-3-2. The 3-2-3-2 formation is a versatile and balanced formation which is suitable for attacking out wide.

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