eFootball 2023 Reviews from Fans

eFootball 2023 Reviews

The latest game in Konami’s eFootball series is eFootball 2023. The gaming community has given the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC game eFootball 2023 an overwhelming number of both favorable and bad reviews. Below, we include every trustworthy eFootball PES 2023 review we have so far come across.

eFootball 2023 Reviews from Fans Around the World

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Jose Flores – August 26, 2022

Why would the developers ruin a good game that was pes? E-football may have more events and more players, but more doesn’t mean better. There is no way to play with friends, the graphics are lagy (for example the lines in the pitch look like they are cut from far away), and the gameplay is no longer as smooth as it ways. The game could be a 5 stars if things were fixed. Really disappointed in this game, a whole year delay for this. ?

Muhammed Sanusi – July 28, 2022

Y’all need to fix your through passes and your players AI. The auto switch is not working because it is not easy to switch cursor frequently like the console pad, it is a phone for God sake. To defend is really hard, you can’t even score a goal in peace. At the 3rd minute opponent would just score and my defenders would be looking like dummies, like it is really annoying. The interception of balls by the players to needs help. Good game overall, but the gameplay needs some touches in it.

عامر أبو زهرة – August 25, 2022

If we go back and look at the previous version its rating was 4.3 but now there is a big difference in rating isn’t it? This difference is due to the lack of the smoothness of the game and the lack of attention to the speed difference between the attacker and the defender, Also, bad passes that have no accuracy and this makes playing long balls impossible. Finally, the biggest problem is the lack of coins to buy players.

Mouhammad Mouhammad – July 3, 2022

This is literally the worst game I have ever played in my whole life.Back then PES was a real master piece.It has a lot of problems,the classic buttons have a lot of bugs and issues,the physics of the game is not the same as before,and the most important thing,the “AI” in the game is the worst I SWEAR!!!Please fix our game so we can enjoy like the old days.

Imran Said – August 17, 2022

Football is a sports where the best coaches urge their players to fight for the ball, win the second ball, press when you lose it. Yet in this game when your player loses the ball they either freeze for a second before you can control them or run away as far as possible from the ball. If a pass to your player gets intercepted or deflected, your intended receiver of the pass falls to their knees. I played this game four/five years now but it gets worse every year because its broken at the core.

Fans Reviews from Metacritic

Tonyo92 – Sep 2, 2022

Efootball 23 is a very good game the new update bring more animations,better ball control the shooting is better, the gameplay is more more fluid and the game is rewarding gives you much more efootball points, gp points so is not pay to win much more rewarding than fifa…. So yeah give this game a chance its much more better than efootball 22 since the new updates patches and changes!!! Collapse

MinePlay512 – Aug 26, 2022

Even if some of the problems were fixed, it’s best to go back to PES. eFootball 2023 is not worth it in the end. There are still some problems and there are new problems and the game’s depth is too thin. Even if the modes are coming, they should not be DLC and they should be in at launch. And given the disaster that started last year which upseted a lot of players, it’s safe to say it’s not worth being patient at all. It’s time to return to PES. Collapse

dmtrlbdv – Sep 11, 2022

I waited 3 years and right now it is still a piece of s…. All I see for now is good artists work for players cards. The network code is a trash, graphics is “hello from 2013” and the game is not responsive in most of games (to be clear I have kinetic sprinter with wire connection to my ps5 and 500mb internet connection. My ps5 shows me ~450mb download and ~ 80mb upload – it is more then enough to play in another online games. For example I see 6-8ms ping in fifa and I can do what I want using my joypad) Collapse

Fans Reviews from Steam

DoubleDangerous – Posted: 25 August

I have been playing PES for over a decade, and would consider myself the core demographic. I have forgone licenses, marketing, and basic features as I have always believed Konami make the best playing football game.

Saw that ‘V 2.0’ was being released today, and as The Cinch is officially licensed, thought i’d give it a wee try. My team – Hibs – are in the game, I can choose them as my ‘dream team‘, yet I can’t play – even an offline – a game with the real players?! I can’t even play an offline game as 2 real Scottish teams, even though they are officially licensed?!?!?!?

WHAT THE ACTUAL ♥♥♥♥ KONAMI!!!!! No1 in the community wanted this ♥♥♥♥, we just wanted a normal PES! We would been happy with your ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 2001 menus and horrendous commentary, yet you give us this insane attempt at a cash grab where we can’t even play as our fav teams.

Take a long hard ♥♥♥♥ to yourself, and just patch this abysmal project, and just MAKE A REGULAR EDITION OF ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ PES!!!!

Burger – 23 August

Before I played eFootball™ 2022 i had a small wee wee, no friends, no boyfriend and absolutely no will to live. None of these things have changed, but the game is pretty gay.

YassN – 4 September

The game is very good but i just want back the master league game mode and also become a legend

Shix* – 27 August

Start of this eFootball was terrible,we all know that, it was sooooo slow, felt like players are carrying another 15kg backpack on them, overall slow and really bad…didnt even look at eFootball for a while,saw update two days ago, installed, opened the game ,started one against AI and i got to say that i never enjoyed playing any football simulation like this for a while..players are so so responsive,letting you freely run with the ball, but not in FIFA style dribling 20 of them, just moving around while looking for some free space,and if dribbling way too much probably losing it… i hope they will just keep improving from here… tried playing ONLINE match, felt so slow like it was,so i just kept playing againt AI and really did enjoy THIS EFOOTBALL. so,so,so promising. keep up!

KingPremi19 – 1 September

Game got better. There’s still nothing to do. I don’t like how they prioritize online game mode over Master League,when the majority of Pes players play for Master league. ML should have been out on release. It’s been nearly two years and they’re still silent on Master league.

ZAX – September


bruf – 29 August

the defense and offense in this game ♥♥♥♥♥♥ terrible not balance at all

Πτέραρχος – 7 September

For a F2P online PVP focused football game eFootball 2023 is simply great.

Yes, the game still has issues with bugs that need to be fixed but it’s not stuff that affects the gameplay. I don’t find the game lacking content like most people talk about. It’s a F2P football sim offering “FIFA Ultimate Team” style team building and online PVP. It’s not a fully fledged PES or FIFA game with a price tag. Just take it for what it is.

The gameplay update with the new patch feels great. It rewards tactical and passing based football instead of being a reflex test pinball machine like FIFA. If you play with patience, build up your chances and convert them you will win. And goals do feel earned and rewarding.

The team building mode “Dream Team” offers more freedom than ever in the series in terms of setting up your team. Earning currency and buying players doesn’t feel like a slow grind. I managed to get a top notch team in the first 25 hours of playing without spending any real money. The best part about the “Dream Team” mode is the player training overhaul. You can now manually accumulate the skill points earned by leveling up your players to attributes of your choosing. Wanna make Messi a lethal shooting machine like Imbrahimovic? You can go for that. Wanna make Haaland dribble like Neymar? You can also do that. You upgrade your players’ stats in the way you want to use them. That gives an additional layer of freedom in your team building and makes players you’d otherwise not give a ♥♥♥♥ about much more usable.

AI is top notch like it always was in the PES series. AI opponents on Superstar play smart great football, although on Legendary the AI feels a bit too perfect sometimes. Online play is the best it’s ever been in terms of responsiveness. It’s not offline quality but I haven’t had a game with gameplay affecting lag yet and I’m currently in DIV 4. I should also mention that the game doesn’t feel scripted when you concede goals or lose games. All my loses felt like I actually played worse than my opponent. If you feel like your team or certain players are underperforming is because you most likely use the wrong players for the wrong job or your tactics don’t suit the formation and vice versa. It’s a sim. You’re supposed to think with real life football logic, not videogame logic.

All in all eFootball 2023 is finally worth playing after its cluster♥♥♥♥ release last year and it will continue to improve as it gets regularly updated. If you look for a football sim focused on team building and competitive online PVP for the low price of free don’t look any further. It really is enjoyable.

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