FIFA 23 Reviews

FIFA 23 Reviews and Feedback

FIFA 23 is the last installment in EA Sports’ long-running football franchise with FIFA. The FIFA 23 game which is available on PlayStations, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia has received an overwhelming amount of positive and negative reviews from the gaming community. Below, we share all EA Sports FIFA 23 reviews we have discovered so far.

FIFA 23 Reviews from Fans Around the World

Either way, they fix the defending and I’m good to go. Sure, the game needs a lot, but there aren’t many perfect games out there. MLB The Show is a game I play regularly and the mechanics are better than FIFA but the graphics are junk and the atmosphere is the same in every stadium. FIFA [23] still brings a lot to the table and I’m anxious to see what the gameplay is like this year. All in all, if you don’t like the game don’t buy it. Pretty simple. And I’m seeing a lot of guys questioning the inclusion of women. Why is this? Is it still 1930 or am I just seeing the cultural differences on how we view the opposite sex? Pretty shallow and petty fellas. I’ll bet most of you would get schooled by literally any pro female footballer so I’d go a head and drop that nonsense.

Bunch2383, EA FIFA Forum

This is the best FIFA I’ve played. Almost everything is improved and rebuilt from the ground up. And the funny thing I know deep down you all enjoy the [FIFA 23] game and think it’s great but because it’s not ”cool” to call FIFA a good game you just do what every generic person does when a new FIFA or EA game comes out.

The game is fantastic and more realstic and the hypermotion technology is brilliant. Don’t listen to whiny kids, they do this every year with every FIFA that comes out.

Killlshotz, EA FIFA Forum

Fix the infinite depth problem [in FIFA 23] ASAP, plz. The backline should be way front, not coz of some guy running infinitely forward

Siyuan, EA FIFA Forum

Played [FIFA 23] a few hours and the game feels sluggish and unresponsive inputs with the controller,and the passing is off too,maybe it will improve,animations take forever,this is PS5,maybe I should try the ps4 beta!

Gooders66, EA FIFA Forum

I can’t believe people experience delay and sluggish play in [FIFA 23] beta ver…well done EA… didn’t buy 22 because of the bad, inconsistent, sluggish gameplay…It seems 23 is in another level and I have to skip this ver too… good luck people! As long as you buy this game, it will be the same every year…

fixit, EA FIFA Forum

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