EA FC 24 Drop-Ins Error Continues to Peak Fustrations – What Can Players Do

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“The drop ins not working error” is one of the most irritating issues that has been plaguing EA FC 24 players from the moment the Early Access went live on September 22.

This error happens specifically in the Pro Clubs mode, which has been even more frustrating for the community.

As this mode is exclusively online in nature, players have been unable to find matches to participate in.

Pro Clubs in EA FC 24 have received some major upgrades in terms of new features.

The mode is fully crossplay between platforms of the same generation as well.

Despite all these inclusions, the drop ins not working error has made sure to frustrate many players over the last eight days.

While EA Sports has acknowledged the issue on their official Trello, a permanent fix is yet to be rolled out. As a result, the community has been left to find out potentials from their end in order to play games under the Pro Clubs mode.

In Pro Clubs, players can relive their dreams of becoming professional footballers, and they can do so by playing with each other.

While they can play pre-fixed matches with their friends, EA FC 24 also enables them to find matches on the go with random strangers.

However, this feature hasn’t worked as intended so far due to the error in the discussion.

Typically, the game will show that a match is being searched for, and players will even get matched in teams.

However, it never begins, and instead, an error pops up that says the user has been removed from the lobby.

This issue has also been universal across the different platforms and on both generations of devices.

Hence, it will require a future patch from the developers to remove the problem, but there are a couple of workarounds that players can try.

One potential solution was posted by Reddit user u/MarMat8, who advised the use of stock characters instead of custom options.

This solved the particular problem for the player. In the same thread, another user responded that joining a random club before opting to matchmake prevented the drop ins not working error from occurring.

This potential solution has been tested by the author of this article on PC, and it worked for a few days.

However, the error relapsed but was then solved once more by the same process.

byu/MarMat8 from discussion

Either of the two solutions might not work for all, as the problem on hand is being caused by a bug in the EA FC 24 client.

Title Update 1 failed to fix the issue for all, so players will have to be patient in the meantime.

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