Soccer Manager 2024: How to Build a Successful Club

build the best club in Soccer Manager 2024

The key to success in Soccer Manager 2024 (SM24) is to establish a solid foundation for your club with an indomitable playforce.

If you’re just starting out on SM24 or you are aiming to take your club in career mode to the peak of success, there are three essential aspects you must focus on.

These three aspects will for sure set you on the right path.

Build a Strong Foundation

1. Financial Stability

One of the fundamental pillars of managing a successful club is maintaining financial stability. Make it a priority to save money consistently. Whether you’re starting in the second division of a country or the lowest division of a league like England, sound financial management remains crucial.

2. Stadium Development

Leveling up your stadium is another critical element for your club’s growth. The ideal stadium level may vary by division:

  • For the fifth and fourth divisions, aim for a level three stadium.
  • In the third division, a level four stadium is recommended.
  • If you’re in the second division, work towards a level six stadium.

Reaching level six in your stadium is particularly significant if you aspire to compete in European competitions. However, remember to upgrade gradually and efficiently without rushing the process.

Roster Management

In Soccer Manager 2024, it’s important not to become overly attached to your players. Instead, prioritize your club’s financial health. Here’s how you can manage your squad effectively:

1. Player Sales

If you have a player with high potential but receive a substantial offer for them (typically over 15 million), consider selling. By doing so, you’ll free up resources to invest in multiple players, fostering a more balanced squad. While it’s tempting to hold on to a star player, remember that money can be better spent on building a stronger and more versatile team.

2. Promising Talent

While you should be open to selling players, it’s wise to retain a player with immense potential. For instance, a player with significant potential in the second division should be retained, as the initial squad may not require immediate reinforcements.

3. Wingers

If your tactical setup doesn’t include wingers, consider selling most of your wingers. The funds generated from their sales can be allocated to improving your Youth Academy, a crucial aspect of long-term success.

Financial Prudence

Lastly, at always, you must keep a close eye on your club’s finances.

Likewise, try to avoid spending more than you earn.

This is because a financial deficit can quickly hinder your progress in career mode.

A club run with little or no money may not be able to sign the best players or invest in the latest technology.

This can lead to the team’s failure to win tournaments that reward a high amount of cash and ultimately that will bring stagnation to the player’s career and even that of the coach.

Even if you unfortunately find your revenues fluctuating, e.g. due to irregular ticket sales from home games, you must then ensure that whatever you make do as expenses doesn’t outgrow your total revenue from income.

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