How to Sell Players Fast on OSM 23/24 + Tips to Also Buy Players

Tips on Soccer Manager 2024 for how to sell players fasters in the game

One thing you should know today is that transfers are just random in Online Soccer Manager 2023/24 (OSM 23/24).

There isn’t any guarantee that when you put one or all of your players on the transfer list, they will be sold at once.

Sometimes managers can sell faster and at times they can sell slower than other times.

At this point, some managers may try to adjust the values, or increase rates to get some luck but the result doesn’t change much.

One thing you should know is that a change in the selling of players on the OSM 23/24 game is calculated based on transfer value and also on the increase rate.

There are some other crucial things to consider, or know before putting a player on the transfer market and setting an ideal price for him.

Below, we take you through all these factors you should know.

Players with Less Overall Sell Faster

The first thing that you should know is that players with high overalls sell more slowly than players with lower overalls.

For instance, selling Ronaldo with 100 overall, or 105 overall will take much time than Daniel James with 76 overall.

This is because clubs don’t have a lot of money so they cannot afford to quickly purchase an expensive player like Ronaldo, or Messi or a Vinicius.

They will have to sell most of the players to buy one player like that.

And more often than not, the budget the clubs have can only cover for regular players such as Tonali, Dwellington, and Longstaff.

In-Form Cards Sell Faster But Are Expensive


Another aspect of selling players fast is a player who is in form.

Usually, in form player cards sell much faster than for example a normal player card.

These in-form cards sell fast because the players’ performance is much better than the players in normal cards.

For instance, the normal cards of Casemiro, and Declan Rice are good, but you cannot compare them with Brozovic when in form.

His card jumps from an 84/85 rating to 89.

This makes him perform +30-40% better overall and thus puts him in the eyes of clubs.

Thus, it’s a really good option to sell him at this moment as he will sell really fast.

If a Player is Famous You Can Sell Him a Faster

One more thing to know is that it also depends on the player’s popularity.

If for example, a player like Pepe, 26 years old, whom people don’t watch or know they will not come swiftly or pay a lot of money for him.

But, if it’s a player like Rodrigo, Neymar, or Dembele playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona, or Dembele, people know these guys.

So because they have a really top name.

People will pay more when they notice they are in form as their name is well known.

Goalkeepers Sell Fasters

Another thing you should know is that some positions sell faster than others.

You can sell goalkeepers faster in OSM 23/24 but the goalkeeper overall also matters.

For example, if you have Donnarumma with 88 and Michele Di Gregorio with 92, normally these kinds of goalkeepers will sell much faster at all times.

So what we advise is that you buy and sell high-quality goalkeepers often.

That way, you can buy at a good price and sell with a high profit margin.

LM and RM Positions are Difficult to Sell

Left midfield and right midfield players are often difficult to sell because teams don’t use these two positions in the game.

This is due to the fact that managers don’t use formations that support these two positions.

Formations in OSM 23/24 that are more common are the 4-3-3 formation, 4-2-3-1 formation, etc.

Young Players Sell More Faster

Another thing you should know is that players with less age or who are younger will sell more faster than older players.

Let’s take Messi and Vinicius for example.

It’s true that some people will want Messi before Vinicius but many will prefer Vinicius because he’s 23 and so he has more playing time to develop than Messi who is 36.

Another reason why managers prefer young players is because in training you can upgrade them to another level or any type of player you want them to grow to be.

Don’t Put a Player with a Maximum Price of Above 18-19m

Player Max Price Sale in SM24

If you have a player that costs under or around 18-19 million, you will quickly get offers to sell them.

Meanwhile, it can take several weeks to find a buyer for a player who is really expensive.

By really expensive, we mean players whose maximum price cost is above 18-19 million dollars in the game.

If they’re more expensive, like 80-90 million, it’ll take longer to sell them because there are better options for lesser amounts in the game.

This transfer rule applies in all positions, not just goalkeepers.

Tips on Buying Players on OSM 23/24

These prices will help you sell players later in the season quickly:

In the case of a player with a value less than 2 million, 100% of the maximum amount should be charged

In the case of a player valued than 6 million, 90% of the maximum amount should be charged

In the case of a player with a value than 12 million, 80% of the maximum amount should be charged

In the case of a player with a value less than 18 million, 70% of the maximum amount should be charged

In the case of a player valued less than 24 million, 60% of the maximum amount should be charged

Moreover, if you didn’t know, you can sell any player for their maximum value early in the season.

When the players have been in that season for the first 10 days, they can be sold for their maximum price. For instance, i first 10-15 days of a season, you can sell 4-6 players a day.

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