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Messi new celebration in FC 24
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The highly anticipated EA FC 24 game is almost here, and fans can expect many exciting new features. The EA FC 24 Beta has already allowed players to test out some of these new features, including brand-new celebrations. In an effort to increase the level of taunting, EA has incorporated a variety of additional ways for players to mock their opponents in FC 24.

Why EA Sports Updates FC 24 With New Celebrations

The top football players around the globe engage in a yearly competition to showcase the best celebration of the season. From Saka’s lean on the corner flag to Rashford’s temple point, the greatest stars in the sport are constantly seeking ways to elevate their celebrations and please their fans.

EA FC 24 New Celebrations

EA wastes no time in adding a variety of new celebrations to EA FC 24 following their popularity in real-life football games. The updated game now includes several classic celebrations and some new and creative ones for players to enjoy. Players like Antoine Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo have also gained new signature celebrations, but they can only be performed by them, that is, when using them in the FC 24 game.

How to Perform New EA FC 24 Celebrations

Scoring a goal is necessary before performing a celebration in EA FC 24. Once a goal is scored, players have the freedom to choose from a variety of celebrations available in the game. To perform the latest celebrations, follow the steps below.

No.CelebrationButton Combination
1Faking ItL2/LT + R3
2ByeL1/LB + R3
3Rock On L2/LT + R3
4WorkoutL2/LT + Square/X
5All EarsL1 + Triangle/Y

All EA FC 24 Celebrations

There are a variety of celebrations available in EA FC 24, but some may change in the future. All celebrations in FC 24 include:

No.CelebrationButton Combination
1Thumb SuckHold Square
2Arms OutTap Square, Hold Square
3Wrist FlickTap Triangle, Hold Triangle
4AeroplaneHold R3
5Point to SkyHold RS up
6TelephoneHold RS down
7Hands OutFlick RS right, Hold RS left
8Come On!Flick RS left, Hold RS right
9Blow KissesFlick RS down, Hold RS up
10Double Arm SwingFlick RS up, Hold RS down
11Flying BirdFlick RS right, Hold RS right
12Hand on HeadFlick RS left, Hold RS left
13Heart SymbolFlick RS down, Hold RS down
14Arms Pointing UpFlick RS up, Hold RS up
15WindmillSpin RS clockwise
16ScissorsHold L1, Press Square
17ChallengeHold L2, Double Tap Square
18XHold L1, Flick RS Down Twice
19Spinning FrogHold L2, Spin RS Anti-Clockwise (Offline only)
20One EyeHold R2, Press R3
21SwaggerHold R1, Double Tap Circle
22NailbiterHold R2, Hold RS Up
23PigeonHold R1, Press R3
24Floor SpinHold L1, Spin RS Anti-Clockwise
25TimberHold L2, Press Circle
26Cell PhoneHold L2, Press Square
27HypnosisHold L2, Press Triangle
28Show RespectHold L1, Double Tap Circle
29Stir the PotHold L2, Double Tap Triangle
30Point to the SkyHold L1, Press Circle
31Spanish DanceHold L2, Flick RS Up Twice
32World BeaterHold R1, Double Tap Triangle
33The SaluteHold R1, Press Triangle
34MannequinHold L2, Hold RS Up
35I Can’t Hear YouHold L2, Hold RS Right
36HeartHold L2, Hold RS Down
37Brick FallHold L2, Hold RS Left
38PipeHold L2, Flick RS Up then Down
39ScorpionHold L2, Flick RS Left, then Right
40TeaHold L2, Flick RS Right then Left
41NeighborhoodHold L2, Flick RS Down Twice
42Knee Slide FailHold L2, Flick RS Left Twice
43MaskHold L1, Flick RS Up Twice
44Break DanceHold R1, Flick RS Right Twice
45Riding the WaveHold L1, Press Triangle
46RelaxHold R2, Hold RS Left
47Backwards WormHold R1, Spin RS Anti-Clockwise
48Uncontrolled BackflipHold R2, Spin RS Clockwise
49HandstandHold R2, Spin RS Anti-Clockwise
50Hop & PointHold R2, Flick RS Down Twice
51Knee Slide DragHold L1, Flick RS Down, then Up
52KOHold L1, Double Tap Square
53Right Here Right NowHold R1, Press Circle
54Surf and FlexHold L2, Flick RS Down, then Up
55Stand TallHold R1, Hold RS Left
56Little BrotherHold L2, Double Tap Circle
57FingersHold L2, Press R3
58Kiss the GroundHold R2, Hold RS Right
59DisbeliefHold R2, Hold RS Down
60BackflipsHold R2, Double Tap Square
61PeaceHold R1, Double Tap Square
62WaddleHold L2, Spin RS Clockwise
63Golf SwingHold R1, Flick RS Left, then Right
64MatadorHold R2, Flick RS Down then Up
65GogglesHold R2, Flick RS Up then Down
66Time CheckHold R2, Flick RS Right then Left
67Push UpsHold R1, Flick RS Right then Left
68The WormHold R1, Spin RS Clockwise
69DanceHold R1, Flick RS Down Twice
70Spin & FallHold R2, Flick RS Up Twice
71Dance & SpinHold R2, Flick RS Right Twice
72PictureHold R2, Press Square
73Cradle SwingHold R2, Press Triangle
74Kiss the RingHold R2, Double Tap Triangle
75Flying DiveHold R1, Hold RS Up
76Karate KicksHold R1, Hold RS Right
77Jump KicksHold R1, Hold RS Down
78Big ManHold L1, Hold RS Right
79Baby GirlHold L1, Hold RS Left
80Walk Like MeHold L1, Flick RS Left, then Right
81Giddy UpHold L1, Press R3
82Calm DownHold L1, Double Tap Triangle
83Phone It InHold L1, Hold RS Up
84MotorbikeHold L1, Hold RS Down
85Hang LooseHold L1, Flick RS Up then Down
86MueveloHold L1, Flick RS Right then Left
87PointHold L1, Flick RS Right Twice
88FingersHold L2, Press R3
89Time CheckHold R2, Flick RS Right then Left
90PictureHold R2, Press Square
91PointHold L1, Flick RS Right Twice
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