FIFA 23 Generic Stadiums

two generic stadiums in FIFA game
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Generic stadiums are football stadiums that are not attributed to any club or league in FIFA 23 but are officially licensed and available for play in the game. You can use FIFA 23 generic stadiums in Kick-Off mode, career mode, or in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team™. There are quite a number of FIFA 23 generic stadiums available on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Union Park Stadium features among the list of FIFA 23 generic stadiums
Union Park Stadium features among the list of FIFA 23 generic stadiums

FIFA 23 Generic Stadiums: Complete Lists

Estadio do Dragao features among the list of FIFA 23 generic stadiums
Estadio do Dragao is among the generic stadiums in FIFA 23

Below are all generic stadiums available in EA Sports FIFA 23.

  1. Al Jayeed Stadium
  2. Aloha Park
  3. Arena del Centenario
  4. Arena D’Oro
  5. Court Lane
  6. Crown Lane
  7. Eastpoint Arena
  8. El Grandioso
  9. El Libertador
  10. Estadio de las Artes
  11. Estadio El Medio
  12. Estadio Presidente G.Lopes
  13. Euro Park
  14. FIFAe Stadium
  15. Forest Park Stadium
  16. FUT Stadium (only in FUT)
  17. Ivy Lane
  18. Longville Stadium
  19. Molton Road
  20. O Dromo
  21. Oktigann Park
  22. Sanderson Park
  23. Stade Municipal
  24. Stadio Classico
  25. Stadion 23. Maj
  26. Stadion Europa
  27. Stadion Hanguk
  28. Stadion Neder
  29. Stadion Olympik
  30. Town Park
  31. Union Park Stadium
  32. Waldstadion

FIFA 23 New Generic Stadiums

Below are all FIFA 23 new generic stadiums available in The World’s Game.

  1. Longville Stadium
  2. Oktigann Park

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