Icons Not in FIFA Ultimate Team 23

all icons or legends not in FIFA 23

Despite the addition of new icons to FIFA 23, some players who were icons in previous FIFA Ultimate Team games have been removed. It’s disappointing to see some of the most iconic characters leaving the FIFA Ultimate Team series. EA removed some icons from FIFA 23 for a variety of reasons, both disclosed and undisclosed.

Iconic Icons Not in the FIFA Ultimate Team 23

Here are all FIFA icons or legends not available in FIFA Ultimate Team 23.

  1. Ryan Giggs
  2. Casillas
  3. Overmars
  4. Van Basten
  5. Diego Maradona
  6. Guardiola (player)
  7. Cafu
  8. Inzaghi
  9. Deco

Besides icons, a lot of standard players from previous FIFA game series are not available in FIFA 23. You can find out all standard players who did not make it into FIFA 23 in our post titled: “All Players Unbelievably Not in FIFA 23.”