How to Become a god Pro Player at EA FC Mobile

How to be a pro player in EA FC Mobile 24
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We’ll discuss several strategies and tactics that you can use to become a better EAFC player in this article.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or a long-time player looking to adapt to the FIFA Mobile turned FC Mobile, these tips will prove helpful.

All aspects of the EA FC Mobile 24 game will be covered, from setting and skill moves to shooting techniques and substitutions.

You can easily be a Pro Player in EAFC Mobile. The question is how?

Let’s show and teach you how.

Revert Settings

First and foremost, you’ll need the game to feel familiar, so try to replicate the settings you had in FIFA Mobile.

This will ensure you’re comfortable with the controls.

Improve Game Display

The quality of your gaming experience depends on your device’s capabilities.

Like how high your Android or iOS version is.

If your mobile device is powerful, this will run the game smoothly and display the graphics in high quality.

However, if your device is the average type, you will need to reset your display setting to the recommended levels of your device.

If you don’t know how to do this reset, view our guide on FC Mobile best control, gameplay, and graphics settings.

Go for Skill Moves and Player Packs

Skill moves can be a game-changer in EA FC Mobile.

If you have enough gems, invest in skill moves that you’ve used effectively in FIFA Mobile.

Moreso, try to open as many player packs as possible to improve your squad.

These packs can give valuable players to strengthen your team.

For instance, the pack can give you players with 5 star dribble skills.

Use Star Pass

Please take full advantage of the Star Pass, as it’s free this season.

Moreso, passes are easy to get because you can easily complete the little mission that will reward you them.

You can also accumulate Star Pass points and unlock rewards by completing daily quests.

Play to Master

The gameplay in FC Mobile has largely evolved from FIFA Mobile. Here are some vital tips to help you succeed in this new era:

  • Pass Strategically: Avoid unnecessary through passes. Only pass for build-up or do thread pass for one-on-one chances.
  • Prioritize Quality Goalkeeper: This season, the goalkeeper plays a key role in a team. Invest and buy only a reliable goalkeeper.
  • Tackle Wisely: While hard tackles can be effective, use them judiciously.
  • Effective Substitutions: Mid-game substitutions can help your players escape fatigue. This will also help you retain a strong performance.

Better At Shooting

You need to be good at shooting shots. This means you won’t squander chances when an opportunity arises. Now follow these tips:

  • Have a Top Striker: Buy a striker beyond the rating of 80. Such a player must also have a high shooting ability or traits.
  • Shooting Power: When taking a power shot, use approximately half of the power gauge — you must do this especially when you are close to the goal post. If you do a full power gauge, the player will often play missed shots.
  • Practice in VSA: Playing VSA (Versus Attack) games regularly is the best way to improve your gameplay in FC Mobile 24.

Take Free Kicks (Boldly)

Free kicks have always been challenging in every season of FIFA Mobile or FC Mobile.

For this season, there is some proven trick.

When taking a free kick from the right side or left, just aim your stick in the opposite direction.

This increases your chances of scoring, as the goalkeeper will struggle to save the shot from such a distance.

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