FC 24 Mobile How to Get XP (Level Up Quickly to Unlock the Market)

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Many new players find themselves stuck on how to gain experience points (XP) to reach level 10 or beyond in FC mobile.

Meanwhile, for some, they want to quickly level up your FC Mobile 24 account to unlock the market.

And if you have other reasons you want to harvest lots of XPs as quickly as possible, this guide will also show you exactly just that. In fact, in the fastest way.

Daily Quests are the Key

Daily quests give the most XP of any game mode on FC Mobile.

All you need to do is ensure you don’t miss daily quests.

Ensure you complete tasks there like “Play 3 matches in Attack Mode” or “Score 10 goals in Live Events” consistently.

After that, just keep refreshing and attending to your daily quests each day.

Points Exchange

You can also exchange points for XPs.

For example, 100 points for 430 XP.

This will surely be enough to reach level 10 instantly.

Special XP-Rewarding Modes

You can still earn XP from playing various game modes.

But note, this might not be as rewarding as Daily quests.

Below are all the in-game modes you can earn XPs:

  1. Attack Mode matches against other players
  2. Live Events like Welcome Cup
  3. Skill Games in practice mode
  4. Challenge Mode scenario games

Unfortunately, Champions League and World Cup games no longer reward XPs in FC Mobile 24 season.

Once you have leveled up with enough XP and you hit level 10, you will gain access to the transfer market.

In the FC mobile market, you can buy and sell players from other users/game players.

The success of a team depends on a strong team, so be sure to do everything you can to earn XP quickly to unlock the market and buy very quality players.

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