Play Goals CEO Andreas Thorstensson Announces 2-year Anniversary

Play Goals game

Play Goals, has achieved tremendous growth in just two years, from a small team led by CEO Andreas Thorstensson to now having 45 people on board. The company has successfully secured the necessary investments to bring its vision to life and ship its highly anticipated game.

Despite the challenges that come with running a company, Play Goals has managed to overcome its initial hurdles of finding the right people to bring on board and shipping a game quickly. Thorstensson notes that “the hardest thing about building anything for our company…is the people,” but he is extremely proud of the team at Goals and their mentality.

The company’s success is largely attributed to its strong core values and vision, as well as its ability to attract dedicated individuals who share that same passion. As Thorstensson states, “to actually succeed in building a game is very, very tough, Goals have a vision and people seem to be very much bought into that vision.”

Earlier this month, the Swedish-born game, raised $20M to fund the development of its esports-ready soccer game in Series A funding led by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture capital group Seven Seven Six.

Play Goals has come a long way in just two short years, and the company’s growth and success are thanks to the dedicated team who have built the company together. As Thorstensson concluded saying, “It’s thanks to all of you [fans and partners] that actually are here today, and I’m extremely grateful that all of you have built this company together with us.”

Key speeches from CEO Andreas Thorstensson at the GOALS Two-year Anniversary